Confidence issues

Can anyone help? I have lost all my confidence. I used to be popular, funny and had a hot girlfriend. Since my symptoms have got worse, my personality seems to be going. I have speech issues- sow speech, slurred and can’t hold a conversation with my mum at times. How can I regain some confidence?

hi dan

you’re still in there, that popular funny guy is just buried under your symptoms.

he’ll be back.

now you need to see the mates who are quieter, the thinkers are usually more understanding.

if you are in the company of these friends, your confidence will have a chance to come back to life.

joke about the speech if you want. you’re a cheap date after all. i used to look and sound drunk before i’d even had a drink.

do you go to an ms therapy centre? that would be a good place to get back into chatting without being judged.

take care and chin up

carole x

Hi Dan, mmm now let me think…

have you been diagnosed yet? If the answer is yes, then how long ago did you get the dx?

If it isnt so long ago, then maybe you need more time for the news to sink in. When we get such a serious bit of information we can be knocked for 6, eh? Do you have an MS nurse? Maybe it would help to tell her how bad you are feeling. Dont try to cover up your feelings…let it all out…even with the speech difficulty. She will have heard/seen it before.

If the answer is no, you haven`t been diagnosed yet…that can throw up all sorts of feelings…from anger to despair to grieving for how you used to be.

I have been in all those dark places…it is damned hard to see the wood for the trees at times, I know.

What about getting your GP to refer you to a speech therapist?

Dont try to keep it all inside…without seeing if anyone can help…it`ll eat away at you.

The person who was all those good things you mentioned, is still there…it can just take a good deal of searching to find him again.

Hang in there Dan…youll get there. Its a chuffin` hard life with a serious condition, but some days will be better than others.

I struggle to keep me alive, but I have good support around me. And this forum too, helps a great deal.

luv Pollyxxx

Hello Dan,

I found being first diagnosed a total and complete shock. The friends around me wanted me to snap straight back into being the old me almost as soon as I was out of hospital, but I was different, and different things took more time and I had to allow for the altered me. But ultimately I was and still am the same person and I still have the same sense of humour and likes and dislikes. I can vaguely remember that it took me about two and a half years to really bed down into the new me and perhaps I have fewer friends, but the ones that have stuck around are fantastic. I don’t know if you are only recently diagnosed, but if you are don’t be too tough on yourself as it takes a while.

Best wishes,


Thanks everyone for your comments! I’ve been thinking about. Counselling? I will take on everything you’s have suggested. Speech therapist - interesting I am 23 and was diagnosed at 19 Ms therapy centre? I live in Ilford, Essex is there one near?

Hi Dan I was diagnosed on 26th September and have had counselling organised through my GP. I found it a huge help even if it was just an opportunity, once a week, to vent, cry, waffle and say whatever I wanted, for an hour. I also have a speech therapist (who also helps with swallowing issues) and have her to be very valuable. She was also organised by my GP. Xx

Hi Dan

I live in Chigwell. Theres a therapy centre in Chadwell Heath I believe and I used to go to one in Chingford by the Billet roundabout. Keep your chin up mate!


I shall go to my GP and get these things sorted. I really believe talking about my feelings will help me. Thanks Stevie, I have been to the Billet lane place with the oxygen chamber? Dan

Hi Dan

I used to live in Ilford.

The place to know about for you is the Marjorie Collins Centre at Chadwell Heath. There is loads of ms help on offer and it’s a happening place.

Good luck


Thanks mark, I checked the website out and it looks great! I will call them!