Colostomy advice

Hello everyone, I am considering having a colostomy soon after trying every other option available. I have heard lots of success stories and understand what the process would involve, but was wondering if anyone who has had one has encountered many problems with theirs? I would like to be prepared for every eventualityif I decide to go ahead with it! Many thanks.

Hello Mutz

I don’t know if you’ve already seen it, but I wrote all about my colostomy operation which I had in June. Here is a link to it if you are interested My colostomy operation - Everyday living - MS Society UK | Forum

I had appointments with the stoma nurse and my colorectal surgeon a couple of weeks ago. The stoma nurse thought the stoma looked just fine, so clearly what I’m doing with it is OK. And the surgeon asked one very important question (which I was impressed by), he asked ‘are you glad you did it?’ I answered yes, I’m really glad. It’s what I needed.

So, while it’s perhaps not the solution for everyone, it definitely works for me. So your question was about problems, there’s been a learning curve, definitely, but nothing insurmountable.