Colder hand

Anybody know why one hand should start feeling consistently colder than the other over last few weeks and why my legs are both starting to generally feel cool in bed. I have always been the warm one up to now; my wife always terrorising me by planting her cold feet in my warmer places. Looks like the tables are going to be turned!

If it’s feeling colder but actually isn’t, then it’s neuropathic. If it actually is colder, then it could be a circulatory problem maybe? Best to see your GP I would think, if this is the case.

Karen x

Thanks Karen. Could a local circulatory problem within the limb also be nerve related, presumably whatever controls the dilation of blood vessels?

I thought blood vessel dilation was controlled mainly by vasopressin, which is released by the pituitary gland. Something going on at the pituitary gland could affect vasopressin levels, but I would think that would affect the whole body. But perhaps your hand is the “weakest link” - so it’s showing up there first?

Sorry to be forgetful, but is it you who has the circular phosphenes? If it is, then it may well be relevant that the pituitary gland is located right next to the optic chiasm. Anything happening at the pituitary gland can affect vision.

If you’ve been having the phosphenes, then I think you need to get a scan of your pituitary gland asap.

Karen x

PS I do not have a medical degree and am very prone to speculation. Please don’t panic!


Yes thats me! Thanks Karen, its ok, I wont quote you, but even the medics dont seem all that clued up on some things. Must admit I dont know whether blood vessel dilation is whole body or nothing.

Just read this:

arterioles are densely innervated by sympathetic neurons. SNS stimulation causes release of norepinephrine that binds to α-1 receptors, which, in turn, provokes contraction of the arterial smooth muscle and a constriction (narrowing) of the arteriole. The resulting increase in resistance to flow reduces blood flow through the capillary bed distal to that arteriole… . . . . . . . . The arterioles of skin, skeletal muscle, and gastro-intestinal tract are richly innervated by the SNS.

But not sure whether it clarifies it.

It just adds another possible cause I think! There are a lot of things involved in pretty much everything our bodies do so it’s a bit of a nightmare sometimes to work out what’s going on :frowning:

The SNS doesn’t have anything to do with vision, that I know of anyway. I think vision works the same irrespective of whether the SNS or PNS is dominant.


Mornin both!!! I found this thread earlier and found it really interesting!

I’m suffering really badly with a hot hot body but strangely a freezng cold right had and sometimes foot!

The heat sensation for me is in total overdive and is exhausting - whilst my hand feels like it’s been filled with frozen water! A bit like lying on a sunbed in the boiling hot sun - with my hand in a bucket of ice!!

Karen you mentioning the Pituitary Gland rang a bell as mine is enlarged as you know!

Mrbobowen - are you still getting this?

Also I don’t get circular phosphenes but I do constantly get what I call ‘lava lamp’ lght bubbling in my left eye - peripheral. My retina has been checked several times and the doc says it’s perfect - the light sensations he says are coming from my brain not my eye.

Did you ever get it sorted out???

Can you get lesions in your Pituitary Gland??


Hi Jen,

Havent got very far with sorting anything out really in terms of finding the cause. I guess it must be a good thing though that the hand temperature thing is happening much less (never got as bad as yours though) and the phosphenes are much more faded out, though still every day. Cant tell you about the pituitary but I imagine it to be possible since it is in the brain and if not itself nervous tissue, must be connected up to nervous tissue. As karen is off to Cuba you might have to aske her when she returns.

I get that sometimes… like right now, that’s why I googled and found this thread… I think it is best to look at what you are physically doing just prior as well. I am in a cold office and using a mouse. my left hand is naturally in a fist while my right hand is moving the mouse around in the open air and hence getting colder.