Cold water shock!

Just had the oddest experience! I was sitting on the sofa and my 4 year old managed to knock a cup of cold water over, most of which landed on my lower legs. I immediately felt like I was going to be sick and there was pain where the water had hit. Even now, 20 minutes later, I have rapid heart rate, my legs are tingling and I can’t feel my feet! Serious over-reaction to a little cold water, and a very unpleasant one! Just wondered if anyone had experienced anything similar or if I’m just losing the plot :wink: Kaz xxx

You poor thing. Might be a form of nerve pain. Your reaction sounds like one that would normally happen with scalding water, not cold, so maybe your nerve endings are getting the sensations wrong? That’s about all I can think of to explain it but have only been diagnosed with ms for a year, so there might be some folks with much more knowledge and experience than me. Good luck!