Cold and Flu

Morning everyone I’ve had cold symptoms for a week now (sore throat, blocked and runny nose). My temp seems ok but I’m worried its gonna turn nasty. How long does everyone leave it before a visit to the doctors? I don’t feel poorly in myself and I’ve been using over the counter needs but no change. I’m just panicking a bit! Thanks Donna

Mini, I don’t ever go to the doctor with a cold. I know how long colds and flu last when I get them - anything up to a month for a cold, Flu can last longer, which is why I have a jab every year. There’s nothing a doctor can do about a cold, s/he might be able to give you something if it’s flu.

Go to the doctor if it does turn nasty - I count ‘nasty’ as causing respiratory problems (I’m asthmatic) or a high fever. Other than that, just keep taking OTC medication for the symptoms, drink lots of water (or tea, coffee, whatever - but not alcohol), keep warm and stay away from other people as much as possible.

Get well soon!

Hi Donna, I don’t know what relationship you have with your Doctor, but I would probably phone him first for advice. Either the Doctor or my MS Nurse. Richard

Hi Mini,

I think I’ve answered you before, but it might have been someone else with a similar question, so I’ll answer again, just in case.

A week is far too soon to go to the doctor with a cold. A NORMAL cold lasts a week - this doesn’t mean anything is wrong with you. As others have said, the doctor won’t be able to do anything anyway - colds don’t respond to antibiotics.

I wouldn’t even think of going to the doctor before about ten days, at the earliest, and then only if it was showing NO signs of improving. If I could tell it was definitely changing for the better, just not quite there yet, I wouldn’t be concerned. I know they take a long time with me, so I wouldn’t go to the doctor unless it was definitely not clearing up, or even getting worse!


Thanks for your advice everyone. I was only diagnosed last year and this is my first cold since. Suppose I’m just worrying too much! I just didn’t know what to do for the best but thanks so much for your replies x