cold and burning hands legs, stabbing pains in wrist, fatigue you name it !

cold and burning hands legs and feet, stabbing pains in wrist, fatigue you name it i seem to have it really getting me down for about five days , tried phoning ms nurse but they not rung me back yet feel usless and feel scared because i feel its another relaps nearly forgot what i was talking about , can anybody shed any light on this am on copaxone have 600mg of progablin a day and 30 mg of noratriptlyn for pain but its not going away would be greatful for someone to speak with xx having to type one handed its scaring me xx

thanks for your concern everyone !

been talking to ms nurse today

it seems im having yet another relaps,

nice one may get me in to see neurologist next week!

why im even wasting my time writing this i dont know

i used to enjoy having conversations on the old site

a bit of comfort from people in the same situation

think i must have done somwthing wrong

what i dont know !

feeling really sad …


Hi Sami.

Not sure why you think that you have done somthing wrong.

Why are you writing this,i can only see someone that needs help.

Not sure if i can help but i am willing to try.

Has this been your worst relapse so far.

I am glad you managed to talk to your MS nurse,and hopefully your neuroligist next week may start you on steroids, i think that they help a lot, or they do for me.

It is a hard stuggle coping with MS, and most people on here understand that.

Please feel free to send me a pm when you feel up to it.

Take Care Friend.


Thank you

yes i am looking for support or should i say someone to listen

i am for the first time really scared

in the last few months i have last both my grandparents

have had great support from my family and thiougt id coped really well

but as i stopped on came a relaps my left side worse than ever

shakey hand actually thinking of walking stick for first time typing one handed because of shakes

pain hot and cold

dont know wheather i just realised what ms can actually do to me and theres nothing i can do to stop it

hopefully ms nurse will let me see neurologist next week to help

and thank you for listening

i have had people comment on my name but it is not meant to cause offence it was a childhood nickname

sami xx

Morning, I get this all the time, never goes away, and when the burning goes the cold pain set’s in, I’ve been told this is nerve pain, I take Gabepentine for the pain, and Baclofen for the spasms, I know this doesn’t help you much, I just wanted you to know you’re not on you’re own, and I really feel for you, you take good care, Jean x

I’m a bit puzzled about how we all missed your post the first time round - no way would it have been ignored. I wonder if it got temporarily lost somehow - I wouldn’t be surprised the way posts seem to disappear and reappear round here :frowning:

I also wouldn’t worry about your username - it was a very sad person who was deliberately trying to stir things up who had a go that time.

I hope the relapse is a short one!

Karen x