Cold affected aching and restless legs.

Hello! I have MS and was diagnosed back in October last year. I am 36 and going through my first Australian winter with MS. When diagnosed I was told to be careful of overheating, stay out of the sun, don’t sunbake, no hot showers etc etc! although sit in the sun for a little as the Viatmin D is great! but I actually was ok during the summer didn’t feel effected by the heat at all! It was quite the opposite really, when the days were reaching 42+ degrees for consecutive days and the air-con on I would be sitting in a dressing gown and slippers as I felt very cold! But winter here in Victoria Australia has hit fast and cold! (not like the UK but cold for here!) So my question is how do you go about being in the cold? my feet are just not working and in a world of pain! my legs in bed are so sore heavy and tired and very restless! to the point I have put my feet through the bottome sheet. Does anybody else have these same issues, and any hints on how to stop it happening? I have done Reiki, rubbing my legs in Magnesium ointment. Thank you!

Hi, I suffer from heat exhaustion which happens after just a few minutes in the sun. But i dont think my restless legsare as bad as what they are in the cold weather.

I take quinine, prescribed by the GP. There was a bit of a hoo-haa on here a bit since, about the dangerous side effects of quinine. But as I`ve been on it for eons, I aint worried.

The cold goes deep, deep down inside me and it takes hours to warm up…even when swathed in fleeces, quilts and hot water bottles.

Dunno what the answer is really.


Thank you Boudica, I feel the same I can have patches that no matter what I do they will just not heat up? When you say Quinine do you mean as Tonic Water??? because I could totally see how a bottle of that with a great side splash of Tanqueray Gin could solve all my problems? lol! thank you and will just have to face the fact that some things I just have to try to live with? maybe move up north to Sunny Queensland for the winter months! cheers and good luck! xo

Hi, My legs from the knee down are nearly always freezing cold, no matter the temperature! I have rubbish circulation which doesn’t help much. I too have tried Reiki on myself with not much success :frowning: Like Poll, I haven’t found a solution other than hot water bottles all year round! Sara x

Sorry about the multiple posts, don’t quite know what happened there?!