I’ve just said goodbye to my guests but I have a glass and I will be charging it for another hour or so.

It’s almost time to wish you all a very merry Christmas.

Join me.


How’d it go, Mark?

I’m saving the hard stuff - well actually, not hard at all - I’ve got Champagne - for tomorrow.

But I’ll raise a virtual glass to you now.

Happy Christmas!


Pretty partial to a glass of cognac too Mark!!

Cheers mate!

Merry xmas


merry christmas mark

i’m drinking baileys right now

carole x

Hi Tina

Not bad, thanks for asking. Now I’m off to London for the family Christmas. My mother will have prepared everything and dinner will be great, while my father will sit and watch and criticise everything, and snipe at me if he gets the opportunity to!

Wishing you a lovely day


(Families, eh?)

A very merry Christmas and all the best that 2013 brings to all my forum friends-the nicest, most supportive “family” I have ever been a part of *aside from S2.



That was my drink on the day, along with a Cherry Brandy…Happy Christmas.