Cog Fog


Not dx, currently going through the gruelling process. Next see neuro next Friday following 2nd brain and first spine MRI

Does anyone here suffer terribly with cognitive issues. I can’t seem to think straight. I don’t seem to be following things at work logically by myself, but when someone points it out to me, I can see it perfectly clearly. It’s becoming embarassing. I am making lots of mistakes even though I genuinely don’t realise at the time that it’s wrong.

I have been doing similar work now for 10 years and I have never been this bad.

Does anyone here take any medication for cognitive problems, or know if there is any medication available for it?

I am struggling a great deal and would love some advice.

PG xx

Hi Pandagal

Im sorry to hear about your current situation, you are not alone.

I have just registered on this forum and I am in a very similar situation to yourself, I work in IT and it can be be too fast paced for my likening, and I too have noticed a marked difference in my abillity to concentrate, i keep getting names of people wrong, stuttering and forgetting, as you say it is embarrasing.

For what it is worth I am of the opinion that symptoms can worsen depending on your current situation, but we are all different of course, I find a good nights sleep (8 Hours), decent diet and excersise can help, and of course a reduction in stress levels if that is at all possible.

The situation for me is a visist at the end of this month to see if I can finally get a DX after 8 years of waiting, ive decided that i will not move from that room until they stop treating me like cattle, a couple of quick questions and on your way kind of thing with absolutely no support, cog fog is one thing but bringing into the equation tremor, numbness, pain and emotional disturbances makes life rather difficult unsupported.

I hope your symptoms improve for you soon, take care and love yourself.

Hi PG, cog fog will be at it`s worst for you just now. You are going through one of the most diifficult times…ie trying to get to know what the hell is wrong with you. Been there, done that and still fighting cog fog sometimes.

There is a treatment called Cognitive Behaviour Therapy…or CBT for short. I understand it is available, under the good old NHS.

Why not ask your GP about it, eh?

luv Pollx

I know exactly what you mean. For example, I can look at,say, 5 objects. In my head it’s 4 objects and only 4 objects. Then I look away, look back and it’s 5 objects. That’s only an example but quite often I’ve found that I can’t trust what I’m seeing. That’s why I’m not driving. I can’t trust my sight. And my night vision is rubbish now too. At other times I see things that aren’t even there! Going crackers! Xx

Thanks all for your replies - it’s always good to know you’re not alone.

Kevdave - I work in finance so my job is very ‘think-y’. I think that’s why I am noticing it so much, and I’m sure that’s true for you too.

Boudica - I am going to mention CBT to my GP. I am just really struggling and it’s horrible for me not to be able to take pride in my work when I know how much I am getting wrong :frowning: I agree with you too that the stress is also not helping. I feel like I am constantly on the edge of something. An outburst, or a crying fit or something. I will be so much happier if I can get a dx and then I can begin to accept it and move on - rather than constantly waiting around for the next bit of bad news!

Beverly - Yup - you sound just like me at the moment! It’s incredibly worrying isn’t it? I am forever seeing things out of the corner of my eye that aren’t there. Or I’ll walk into real things that I just don’t see.

PG xx

I know that feeling so well, and I really feel for you. The things that made me fairly good at my work were the things that MS chipped away at first - quick grasp of situations, problem-solving, flexibility of mind, lateral and creative thinking, mental drive and resilience. The best way I can describe it is that MS for me is like getting old, but a little early.

But Poll is quite right - the stress of the dx process isn’t going to be helping, and you might find that you steady the ship and get back to your old self and stay that way, even if you do turn out to have MS. Not everyone gets hit cognitively, or not obviously or straight away at any rate.


Know what you mean. I used to be a hairdresser! No way could I do that now, I’d end up cutting ears off or giving lob sided haircuts! Yep, the vision thing has been bad this time. Thought I was coming out of it the other day, but no, it’s still here…gnawing away at my patience! Xx