Coconut Water

Currently waiting for my water distiller to finish, so had some coconut water with my breakfast…once my boys had managed to unscrew the cap! Feel really good now. Will have to do this again. Heather

Coconut water is brilliant, several times more hydrating than normal water , very good for you and replaces all your electrolytes. Enjoy xx


l have bought a tub of ‘virgin coconut’ its in a solid form. Delicious - l have started to use it in cooking - as well as having a spoonful now and then. My mum said she used it for years for brushing into the dogs coats when she had a dog grooming business. Thats going back 50yrs!!! Just a little bit went a long way. She said she used to buy it from Timothy Whites - where she also got olive oil. Strange how she remembers so much from years ago - but forgets what she has just asked me! At 90 - she is remarkable.