Coconut Oil - The New Super Food?

I’ve been reading up on coconut oil,seems it’s good for lots of things. Does anyone have any knowledge/info on the subject???



Hi Sue,

Coconut oil contains a fatty acid that’s very anti-inflammatory. It had a bad reputation as a saturated fat, but depending on your diet, it’s either good or bad. I think it’s good. I’d eat a lot more if I could afford it.

The Swank dieters eat a diet that’s ultra low in saturated fats. The original diet is a low fat, high in starchy carbohydrates and people are encouraged to eat a lot of bread.

Others (like me) eat a Paleo-style diet, where oils like olive oils and coconut oils and butter are fine, just as long as they are anti-inflammatory and high in omega 3 oils. I don’t eat pulses or grains. I’ve just started to eat fermented vegetables, which lower blood sugars and gets rid of candida overgrowth and indigestion.

If you have a look at Paleo sites, like paleofood, there’s lots of info and free recipes.

best wishes,


I also follow the paleo diet and eat a lot of coconut out, I use it for cooking. You can get three big tubs on Amazon for £20 so that is pretty good value. I use it on the kids skin as well when its feeling dry, they smell delicious! :lol: