Clear MRI & Spinal Tap. Confused.

So I’ve recently come out of a 5 day stint in hospital with a clear MRI and Spinal Tap and bloods all coming back normal. I’ve been tested for Lyme disease 3 times now.
For about a month my right side has been tingly and heavy. Then one day I got really bad cramps in my Right leg and suddenly i couldn’t lift it. I’d been waiting 2 weeks for my MRI appt referred by my doctor because he suspected MS. Im still having issues with my leg and right pinky finger.
When the doctor was telling me my MRI was clear he said come back when the next attack happens so we can catch it. What is it? What is he saying?
Every medical professional I’ve spoken with over the last month have said MS but its not?

I’ve been chatting to my sister-in-law who was diagnosed with MS 5 years ago and she has said everything played out the same as her.

Little history. I’ve had Migraines since i was little and eye pressure problems for about 10 years.
During my 2nd pregnancy my right wrist/forearm hurt incredibly and faded away 5 months after her birth aswell as my right leg.
Happened again during my 3rd pregnancy.
I’ve had shingles at 19 and 21 both on my right side and was also diagnosed with some itchyriosis roseasa** On the right side of my belly and right thigh.
All have been put down to stress. They say im stressing lots and my immune system drops down allowing my nerves to mess up.
In the last few months i’ve noticed my memory is not working properly and my brain/vision has moments of a dizzy feeling and glazed over vision.
My bladder seems fine. I hate going to the toilet and rarely feel until my bladder is super full, it always seems to empty fine.
TMI - Sex is pretty dull lately. I rarely orgasm anymore. I thought it could of been after my 2nd pregnancy at 21 that I was affected by carrying a 9lb6oz bub but i don’t know. it’s only been in the last year at 25/26 that its crappy.

Before this most recent attack i complained to my doctor about my issues always being nerve related and always on my right side.

They threw around the words Peripheral Neuropathy and Fibromyelgia but didnt think it was the later being right sided only.
I’m normally a busy 26yo with 3 kids to run around after. I played netball previous years but was unable to this year due to the kids.

I just want to walk properly!
I just want all these nerve issues to bugger off or atleast show them selves to professionals to i can be diagnosed and treated.
Sorry, I’m just lost within my own thoughts and can’t find any answers. Google only points to MS, Lyme or Fibro.



I’m new to this forum… just trying to get some information. I was diagnosed with Hemiplegic Migraines earlier this year, the symptoms sound similar to what you have been experiencing. But after seeing my neurologist yesterday she suggested an MRI and a lumber puncture to rule out MS.

I am currently numb down my left side with pain behind right left eye. I have been like this since the beginning of March this year.

Just thought it might be worth you looking at hemiplegic migraines… or mentioning that to your neurologist??

Good luck. Hope you feel better soon x

Hi Bear7 I have similar symptoms to you plus others. I had what I think was the ms hug early March this year and three weeks later I went numb from my right shoulder down to my foot. And I am still numb today. I cannot move my toes upwards. I also have pain behind my eyes. But I don’t suffer with migraines or headaches. I also bump into things and have had a few really bad falls recently. I am having an evoked potential eye examination tomorrow and I had my brain MRI about 3 weeks ago. And I have an appointment with my neurologist on 20th June to discuss results.

Good luck with getting your diagnosis soon.

So I had a follow up appt with my doctor.

He was so rude! Said it wasn’t MS so it’s all mental and stress less. He said I’ll be fine and need no further investigation.

I asked about migrants and he said no. Asked if it could be FND and he said no.

Im so shattered. He was so caring and now he cuts me off saying all my symptoms are just imagined within my thoughts.

Now to wait for the Nerve Conduction test and follow up with the Neuro.

I am so sorry to hear your GP was so rude to you. We need them on our side. I hope you get treated better with your Neuro.


The first thing I’m going to say is you do not have to have all these symptoms to have it; as obviously you have very healthy bubs.

Take a look at otherwise, the symptoms mimic MS. The itchyriosis roseasa you mention might be Livedo reticularis; one of the symptoms.

Not all doctors are conscious of this complaint; so look on the website for a specialist.

Good luck


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Ah i’ve been trying to reply for over a week and it wont post. I keep getting error :frowning:

My youngest was born with MultiCystic Dysplastic Right Kidney. Her bad kidney is shrinking and she lives a perfectly normal life.
Not sure about the APS. Not many of the symptoms are a fit.

I’m thinking ill get FND or something along those lines. Although I havn’t received any of the follow up appointments from the hospital. Guess its not MS so they don’t care. I feel so betrayed by the medical system. I don’t want to go back to my doctor because i feel like it will waste his time and there is no more doctors for over an hour away.

I want to be able to play with my girls again. The stamina in my right side has gone. I cant jump on the trampoline or run anymore. my fatigue is insane, i’m so tired all the time. It feels like i’m letting my daughters down because I can’t keep up with them anymore. My life has just changed so suddenly and its almost like im grieving the old active me.

For the most part my tingles are gone. all my muscles in the right side of my body all feel tight and crampy. My leg being the most affected, arm and ribs aren’t far behind.

I just don’t know where to go from here.
Who do i see now?
Do I just suck it up and live with these crippling symptoms?