Clear MRI, nerve damage

Good Morning all.

i have posted on this page a few months back, about a heap of symptoms that were on going, I had a MRI on brain and spine, which was clear. (Which is great news) However I am still having symptoms.
my symptoms have subsided quite a lot since my 3 months of constant new symptoms

i currently get burning feet, tingling, pins and needles in arms and feet. Bodily spams, just little

jerks from time to time. But nothing too extreme.

I got referred for a Nerve Conduction test, and the results came back, with slight nerve damage in my left pinky. But that’s it.
It’s so confusing. Doctor has said that I need to see how I get on for another 6 months,

Has anyone had a similar situation, clear MRI but nerve conduction test come back with slight nerve damage?

Thank you for listening.


Hi there, I have a similar story, i will write it … it’s a bit long

Hello, living in Hell with confusion

So I just joined this website and here’s my story.

I’m a male 34 years from North Africa, I’m studying in Malaysia

in 2017 July I started to have pain in my back, and numbness, so i went tot the Dr, and i was diagnosed with a bulging disc in my back, got an MRI for it, but i was so stressed back then and terrified because I didn’t know what it was.

so duing this time i starting having some other symptoms mostly " sensory", burning sensations, in my legs, thighs, arms, hands, tummy, and chest sometimes, with other weird sensations, like my skin is vibrating, water drops feeling, itchiness etc, i thought it’s all related to the bulgding disc , or i though i might be having some bulgin disc in my neck

so next time i went to the Dr, i told her, she said it might be stress, it might be bulging disc in the neck, so i let it go, and on October 2017, i went to see another Dr, and he told me we need to MRI to the whole spine to rule out MS, and that was the first time I hear about it, so i googled it and i was terrified, i didn’t have money to do the MRI, so i got panicked and stressed and my symptoms got even worse. after i got the money it was still on October, i did the MRI for my spine and it was clear !

so he gave me anti depressants, and told me to come back to see him after 3 months, but i didn’t, because i felt he was taking advantage of the situation just to make more money !

on 2018, I decided to visit another Dr, neurologist because my burning sensation continued for a year, it didn’t go away. and some twitches all over my body, i told her about my story, she said this can’t be MS, because it’s not following the pattern of the symptoms,and i don’t have any muscles weakness, but i can’t tell what’s causing you this she said, but whatever it is , it’s not going to kill you since you had it already for a year. she adviced me to ignore it. and see a psychiatrist if i’m stress.

now we are in 2020, I still have the burning sensation, some stingging sensation in head, feets, hands, , it didn’t go away, some twitching, i had also neck stiffness since 2017, it all started with my back disc diagnosis, which is got healed now.

The neck stiffness apparently affected the muscles in my throat because I’ve had this lump in the throat feeling for 2 years now. but i can swallow and drink normally. i went to INT drs and everything was fine. they can’t to find anything that’s abnormal.

now i’m in this vicious cycle of going back to check online the symptoms

i don’t know what i have, THE MRI was clear, 2 Dr told me i’m okay, but i still have those weird sensory symptoms,

what can i do ? PLEASE HELP . is this MS or not ? Can MS cause burning sensation for 3 years continous ? without getting better or getting worse, or have any of the typical symptoms ? and again my Spine MRI was clear.

sorry it’s too long i know, but this is my life story.

Could some advise please? I’m worrying like mad, and scared. Could this be PPMS? With having the clear MRI on brain and spine? But have nerve damage?



why would suspect that you have PPMS if you have CLEAR MRI’s ??? …what did the Drs say though ?

Just read that it’s harder to spot lesions if it is PPMS! And why would I have nerve damage? It’s all very confusing. I need to be referred to a neurologist. Because I haven’t seen one yet. And since it all started September time. My whole body is very shaky if I stretch them out, my legs are shaky walking down the stairs. So something definitely isn’t right!

Hello Stacey

Can I ask, who referred you for the MRIs and nerve conduction tests? Have the scans been ‘reported on’ by a radiographer and/or neurologist? Have you had any kind of neurological examination? Or have you just been seen by your GP?

If that’s the case, I would suggest you try to get a referral to a neurologist. This doesn’t mean that I think you have MS of any variety, in fact I suggest that if your MRIs show no lesions it probably isn’t MS. But having ongoing symptoms which seem to be caused by something neurological, you should probably try for some kind of explanation.

Having said that, even if you were referred to a neuro today it would be months before you would be seen (blame Covid19).

MS has a huge panoply of symptoms, many of which are shared with other diagnoses. So seeing a non specialist isn’t going to get you very far. Just as an example, have a look at This is just one of many diagnoses which shares symptoms with MS.

In the meantime, you could be prescribed medication that might help with your symptoms, even without a diagnosis. Spasms and spasticity are often helped by Baclofen, a muscle relaxant. Pins & needles and other neurological pain is frequently helped by Amitriptyline. Why not ask your GP for something to help your symptoms?

Best of luck.


Hi Sue,

I got referred by my GP for the MRI, and then because that was clear, Nerve test which came back with slight nerve damage from my elbow to my little finger.

i have yet to be seen by a neurologist, I am waiting until COVID calms down before asking to be referred…

my other symptoms don’t effect me too much. So will just hold off until I feel I need them.

thank you for your reply.