New symptoms...

Hi all,

I have been in limbo for what seems like a lifetime.

My spine spasms, loss of sensation in my legs with severe shaking spasm pain that leaves me laid up in bed for 2/3 weeks needed full personal care etc is becoming more frequent. I have just had another MRI contrast scan and go to see neurologist in May for results and next step forward. The previous scan in January states bulging disks, scoliosis to the left side, and root nerve damage (or words to that effect)

latest symptoms that I have noticed the past few days is my finger tips feel really tender; my thumb is painful on the tip, and have intermittent pins and needles in it. It is sore to touch, and doesn’t feel like my thumb (if that makes sense).

I have had similar loss of sensation in all my toes and mid way up my feet for several years now, and it kind of feels like it is going to it all my fingers any time soon…it has already started in the thumb.

I wanted to see if anyone else has a similar problem.