Clear MRI - can I rest easy?

I recently added to someone’s post about getting MRI results back in 10-14 days… my GP rang me yesterday just two days after my MRI scan and called me in. To say I was crapping my pants is an understatement. As it happened, my MRI was clear she said but then proceeded to tell me that the MRI was just part of ruling things out. So can I rest easy? She’s also now testing for Myasthenia gravis - which I’ve never heard of but looked up. I suggested lupus to her - she said she’d tested for that, and not to second-guess her! (I had these symptoms many years ago but the difference was I had a urticaria at the time as well, an immunologist a few months later - I didn’t get an appointment until after I felt better - suggested Lupus).

My GP seems to think because I look up stuff on the internet that I’m a hypochondriac… the fact that I want answers and will research things myself is beyond them.

I have a distrust of doctors since my husband was fobbed off for months with gallstones and then finally found he had pancreatic cancer and died within weeks. Dr also said perhaps this was why I was a ‘hypochondriac’ - hubby died 7 years ago and I haven’t visited a doc since…

The doctor also asked if I was still sure I wanted to see a neuro! As if I’m making up the fatigue, blurry vision, nystagmus, weakness… I wish I was. I’m fed up of people saying it’s - menopause; depression; stress; not eating enough vegetables…

Sorry for the rant. I’ve given up talking about my symptoms to people around me as they think I’m mad as the symptoms change from day to day and this forum at the moment is my only release.

Hope everyone is okay and having a good day - or as good as it can be.

hi dizzy

could you see a different gp?

when you do, explain your concerns without giving yourself a diagnosis.

whether or not the doctor thinks you are hypochondriac, he/she should still listen to your worries and try to help you.

neurological symptoms are crazy and other people just can’t understand.

take care

carole x

Thanks Pigpen, I’m waiting to see a neuro now. Got up this morning, felt ok for once, hung out washing and my arms felt weak as if I’ve been lifting weights and felt dizzy. No reason. I’ve gone from someone who used to run 5k three times a week to barely walking 5 minutes without limping. Sometimes I feel drunk (I don’t drink). It’s not normal, I don’t feel normal and I’m going to keep going until I get some sort of answer.

Thanks again.

Hi Dizzy,

You know you have symptoms of something; so sorry to be the bearer of bad news but until they find what that ‘something’ is only that will stop the worry; that’s why we call it limbo land.

When they give it a label it’s amazing how you alter your outlook; it goes from wondering to acceptance and fight. On saying that it is more resistance than fight because it’s pointless fighting MS. If you feel tired; rest; if your bladders playing up speak to a continence Nurse; if you’re able to take DMDs do so; if they cut down attacks remember; the less attacks the less disability.

Unfortunately sometimes lesions do not show especially if they are in the spine CNS. The spine is more or less a bony; flexible tube that carries millions of nerves sometimes lesions can hide being its suck a tight space. The brain in comparison is a wide open space and lesions usually show.

Then we come to an MRI whose resolution is measured in teslers. A NHS is usually 1.5 T; to get a good resolution (picture) you really need a 3 T.

Then we come to what MRI you had; was it all the CNS brain and spine.

Just like a CT scanner picture in slices are taken. An MRI uses a magnet; a CT scanner is X-rays. A large lesion is 3-4 cm so if the slices are 5 cm apart it is possible but unlikely for lesion to be in the gap so does not show.

Here is an article written by a doctor about his diagnosis Diagnosing Multiple Sclerosis

Please buy a copy of your MRI; I think the NHS is the greatest but the problem with it is so inefficient; the times they have lost MRIs so do not have a comparison with later MRIs. If you have a copy; about £10 you won’t lose it.

Good luck


The scanner was a 1.5t - I asked! I’m a science graduate and was interested. It was head scan only. I was in there all of ten minutes. I’m not looking to have anything but clearly something is wrong as its now affecting my work I want to know what it is. I have a ton of questions for the neuro and if anyone else says its stress I will give them stress! Take care all and thanks for the reply.