In (good) shock!! Can I rest now?

Hey guys,

I got a letter from hospital talking about the appointment I had and I thought why not ring up to see if scan results are in, I did and was told they’re on the way in the post. I asked if the woman on phone could tell me anything - she said the mri came back “normal” with nothing at all to suggest multiple sclerosis!

I am absolutely thrilled and in utter disbelief - HOWEVER , does leave me wondering where these symptoms have been coming from?

Truthfully can I rest now and put MS out of my mind or is there a chance the MRI has missed something?

I almost feel wrong posting this here and I’m really so sorry if I offends anyone , I’m just wondering how accurate the brain MRI is when it comes back clear?

Thank you so much for all the support you all have offered me these past few weeks xx

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Good news is always good and welcome, too. Just enjoy it. You might not be there yet in terms of finding out what ails, but the news is good news.