Could it be I havent got MS??

My neurologist has given me a quick call today to let me know that my MRI looks clear! He hasn’t got the radiologists report back and I have an appointment with the neurologist in two weeks. He said before that he strongly suspected MS - could this mean I don’t have it or is it still a possibility? I am very relieved but now wondering what is causing all these symptoms. I feel like I should just immediately sort myself out to feel better - but I can’t!! :frowning:

Until you’ve actually been diagnosed (and even a tiny little bit afterwards, as there’s no 100% proof except from a post mortem), there’s always the possibility you don’t have MS - that’s why they’re not in a rush to diagnose - it’s easy to get it wrong.

A clear MRI can’t categorically rule out MS, but it does reduce the likelihood considerably. And the longer you’ve been having symptoms, the less likely you would still have a clear MRI - if it was MS, that is. It shows itself sometime.

Just because your symptoms apparently can’t be explained by any visible damage, it doesn’t mean you’re imagining them. Symptoms can be real, yet NOT caused by MS. Even learning that it doesn’t look like MS doesn’t mean you will miraculously be healed, but try to look on it as good news anyway. It makes your symptoms more puzzling, but actually means your prognosis is better.