Clear brain mri... Still symptomatic

Hi guys. So I’ve just had my doctor call me the other day and told me there’s no evidence of demyelination on my brain mri The things that prompted him to get me one were left sided numbness and babinski Sign on my left foot Been having horrible episodes of vertigo on and off for nearly two years and just generally feel like I have half a body. Should I push for an mri of my spine? As far as I’ve read babinski is not something you can just fake and clearly points to something wrong… Just going through the usually bs at the moment of family/friends saying well the mri would’ve shown something up if there was something… Its as if they magically think you’re just going to wake up normal again.

hello ben for as long as your symptoms continue, you should see your gp regularly. if you get re-referred to neurology it will be helpful to have your symptoms on your medical records. try to not let family and friends get to you. they don’t get it because they don’t have it. do you think physio would help you? if so ask your ms nurse to arrange it. keep calling on here to unload. carole x


If you remain symptomatic, then you should continue to push for more tests to find out what is wrong. I think most neurologists accept that a positive Babinski sign is reason to do an MRI, but if there is no clinical evidence on MRI, they can’t diagnose MS.

If the neurologist could be persuaded to do a spinal MRI, then you’d at least know for definite if there are no lesions, that it’s not MS. But you might still be wondering what the hell caused your symptoms. And that is irrespective of the Babinski reflex.

Have you actually been discharged by the neurologist, or has s/he agreed to see you again in a few months to see if your symptoms remain or have recovered? If you’ve been discharged, then you’d have to persuade your GP to re-refer you. And that of course means you’re right at the bottom of the waiting list again.

Hopefully you’ve not been discharged. And will see the neurologist again to discuss the negative MRI and it’s relevance for you.

Even if you find ultimately that you don’t have MS, there’s no doubt you still have neurological symptoms for which you’d like a diagnosis. I too would advise trying to ignore ‘helpful’ people telling you to ignore your symptoms because you’ve had a clear MRI. Try telling them what symptoms you are living with and ask if they’d be happy to just ignore such things.

Hopefully you will get to the bottom of what is wrong.


Aw bless. The family thinking its all in your head… I have to deal with that!! And A and E Drs thinking I am just anxious ( long story). For me my mum thinks I’m possessed so she was talking to my jinns the other day facepalm. Keep going to your GP. He eventually got it and gave me gabapentin for my symptoms. It reaaaally helped. Oh and try ibuprofen or naproxen as well. Best Wishes Q

Thanks very much guys! X. I didn’t actually see a neuro my gp just reffered me for the mri and it was the secretary who called me from the gp… Didn’t say about making another appointment but I assume he thinks I will… I’ll just have to go and discuss it with him and then maybe get a neuro appointment. It’s just so odd sometimes my symptoms aren’t there as much but I always feel a bit off… Maybe I’m just getting used to not feeling right

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Hi Ben

Definitely see your GP and ask for a referral to a neurologist. For all you know, you don’t really have the signs of MS. A GP isn’t trained to do a full neurological assessment, and once he thought there were neurological problems actually the GP did you no favours by telling you that you have a positive Babinski reflex.

The neurologist will go through your symptoms, do a complete neurological examination and then decide whether you should have a spinal MRI and/or other tests.

Best of luck.