Abnormal VEP and Positive Babinski

Hello. I was hoping that someone can explain some things to me and thanks beforehand. I am not diagnosed with definite MS and have had some tests for about two years. The MRI’s and LP I have had have been clear. My VEP was abnormal and I have a positive up turning plantar reflex of my big toe. I also have continual numbness in my foot and leg especially the outer side of my thigh and buttocks area. The last three fingers on my hand are also numb and I drop things frequently as my grip is poor. I have had three episodes of optic neuritis too and fall to one side as my balance is poor. I am a bit frustrated as my neurologist seems to be going on the MRI result and LP result and because of this he has ruled out MS. I was wondering if anyone else has been in this position and perhaps advise what would be the next step, if any , to get some answers. Many many thanks. Xx

Was wondering if anyone had any ideas on what would be the next step for me in the above problems in my last post. Any help would be welcome. Thanks xx

Hi, I am in a similar position myself abnormal vep and positive babinski. I am due back to see nuero at the end of month to find we’re we go next. I have had neg MRI without contrast no lumbar puncture as yet. My nuero has not ruled out ms he just said he needs more evidence. I totally understand your frustration and will post what my nuero says at the end of the month. Hopefully someone with more knowledge than me will be able to give you more helpful advise. Ann

Hi Ann Thanks so much for your feedback and sharing your experience. It will be useful to know what decision your neuro makes on diagnosis. I had a blood test during being investigated and it proved positive for Lupus Anticoagulant which mimics MS apparently but Ive been having some treatment for a couple of months but my symptoms no better, infact they are worsening. I would like to discuss things with my neuro but on a waiting list for follow-up. Thanks once again and I really do hope that you get some answers soon. Xxx