CIS & Insurance

Hi, After having a CIS (Optic Neuritis) 6 or 7 months ago, and having an MRI which confirmed a small number of brain lesions - I was hoping to get some advice on insurance? VERY ANNOYINGLY I delayed getting Critical Illness 9 months ago cos I’d just quit smoking and was waiting for premium to come down - then I had the CIS, and now I can’t cover. I’ve accepted I can’t get Critical Illness pr Income Protection cover against MS, obviously - but I’m also unable to get it with an MS exclusion. My wife and I are both self employed so this kind of insurance is quite important to us. Whilst I understand insurance against MS impossible - does anyone know of anyone good who still insures against cancers and other nasties with an MS exclusion? Take care M

I should add I managed to get the life insurance in - just not the CI or IP