Health insurance

Hello. I’m currently diagnosed with CIS but I’m thinking ahead. Im wondering if it would be a good idea to get health insurance before an official MS diagnosis. Does anyone have any experience with health insurance policies? Good prices and if they would cover me with a CIS diagnosis. I love the NHS but I am worried about the state the conservatives ate going to leave it in. Any advice gratefully received. Thanks. Xx

I think you’ll find it’s already too late. If you try and take out a policy, any investigations and the CIS diagnosis will show up as a precursor to MS. And if you then go on to be diagnosed with MS and make a claim, it will show as a pre existing condition as it is so closely associated with MS.

By all means try it but your medical records now have too much information against it.

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Ah. Thanks for replying. I wondered if that might be the case. Worth asking. Do you know if private health care still have to follow what NICE dictates or do they have more free reign in terms of drugs etc? Thanks. Xx

I would think it would be the same re NICE but I don’t have any experience of private health care as such so am not sure I’m afraid, but maybe someone else here can answer that one!