CIS and DMD’s do they prevent MS?

Hi all

Pending review of my latest MRI at my next neuro appointment. I should be diagnosed with either CIS or MS. My question is should I be pushing for DMD’s or any treatment should I be diagnosed with CIS? I have confidence in my consultant, but not sure if I’m within my “rights” to ask for treatment at this stage. I feel like I’m ‘ill’, with constant fatigue and various weird sensations that have appeared to have taken over my body. I should add that my first MRI did show multiple brain lesions, in three different areas but this were noted as mild on the report and the neuro has said he couldn’t really see them!?! However, on examination he found my reflexes to be consistent with spinal lesions. My neurologist without mentioning his name is quite well known in the research field but from reading research papers he appears to be very conservative when offering DMDS without a firm MS diagnosis.

Any advice appreciated


The current thinking is to treat CIS which is deemed to be at high risk of conversion to MS. This is meant to delay rather than prevent. Having said that revisions to the McDonald criteria means that less CIS diagnosis as more will meet the new criteria for MS.

I’m currently CIS and was on Rebif until last month. Taken off as white blood cells too low. Spoken to neurologist in December and fairly sure that when I see her in February I’ll be diagnosed with MS. Not because I’ve changed but the criteria has.