CIDP anyone?

Hi all, I was recently contacted by an ex work colleague who lives in Luxembourg who asked for some advice. He wanted to know if I knew of anywhere or anyone in the UK who could offer support as he knew I have MS and his condition is so similar. When he said he had CIDP (Chronic inflammatory Demyelinating Polyneuropathy), I must admit I’ve never heard of it so did a Google search on it and was amazed at the parallels with MS! Everything seems so similar - the body’s immune system perceives myelin as foreign and attacks it (less the lesions on the brain and spine).

Net result - he has some impairment in motor function in both arms, numbness, weakness, tremors, fatigue etc. He is currently being treated with Intravenous Immune Globulins (IVIG). All of which, when diagnosed, must be as difficult as being told you have MS.

I raise this just for general awareness and see that there is a wealth of information on this subject on the web.

Hi we are the only charity that helps people with CIDP and GBS in the UK. We have a website which has lots of honest and reliable information about the condition. Hope this helps your friend.