Anybody else out there with both MS & Guillain-Barre Syndrome?

My first posting so I hope I get it right! I was told in May 2007 that I may ‘develop’ MS (or diabetes) by a doctor when I was taken into hospital with what I gather is a very common MS sign - huge double vision. I had had a couple of years of what I now know to be parts of the illness but they were coming and going so my GP was trying to treat them individually. Then in Nov 2008 I came down with a severe case of Guillain-Barre Syndrome which put me in hospital for a couple of months & nearly killed me. I was finally diagnosed with MS in Feb 2012 after losing vision in my right eye. I realise that one affects the central nervous system, while the other attacks the peripheral nervous system, but both are autoimmune disfunctions. My MS nurse says nobody else in Sussex has both, and none of the neurologists I’ve seen have treated anyone with the win double…anyone out there possibly?

When l was at the Rehab clinic for physio - l sat with two people who have Guillain Barre syndrome - their symptoms/disabilities were so like MS. l had not heard of it before - which made me wonder if this is yet another case where we with ms could be misdiagnosed. lf you were in a area where no Gp had come across it then l expect it could happen. l sat talking to these people with Guillain Barre - and we matched symptoms.

As it has always been said - no two peoples symptoms are the same - which makes it a difficult disease to treat - with so many different variations. And people react so differently to any meds they take.


This is really strange when I was diagnosed with MS in 2011 I was in a bad way. Lost ability to walk talk eat drink overall about 90% muscle loss with symptoms of stroke at the same time. I was told that it is not possible to suffer relapses with the same symptoms on both sides of body but it was happening.

This took about 3 months to recover sufficiently to have some kind of life. It all happened again a year later. This time only a couple of months recovery.

Interestingly I also live in Sussex however diagnosed in East Surrey. I would be keen to share experiences and find out if I may have been misdiagnosed

Strange because when I had my first disabling attack of ms it was initially misdiagnosed as GB syndrome. I totally lost the ability to walk, with numbness travelling up my body. When admitted to hospital and after MRI and lumbar puncture did the picture become clearer. That was back in 2007 and glad to say I am still walking.However a recent fall injuring my back (2 fractured lumbar vertebrae) hasn’t helped. Best wishes to you.