chronic headaches

Anyone suffer from lengthy headaches ? By this i mean constant for weeks at a time.

This has been happening to me for a few years now.The present one has been going for more than 5 weeks and seems to be getting worse.

It is a crushing type of pressure headache, often one-sided with pain behind my eyes and in my face. It is not the sort of headache you can ignore and last night it kept me awake as it hurt to lie on my pillow and to turn over. Even my eyes feel and look swollen.It also affects my balance.

I have spoken to my neurologist about this in the past and he just said sounds like some form of migraine.

Hi Lisar,

Have you ever thought you may not have MS? Yes it does cause headaches but they are far worse with a complaint called Hughes Syndrome or sticky-blood, see Otherwise symptoms mimic MS.

There are some other tale-tale differences but you’ll see on the website. The good thing is HS can be controlled.

Good luck


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I have headaches that last for weeks it feels like my heads going to explode, my consultant says it’s migraines but when I first got diagnosed I had them,I had a brain scans and my brain was swollen they gave me steriods. I don’t believe there migraines as I have them now and again and there no way the same

I used to get very severe headaches,all the time, i think mine were hormone related.I dont get them much now, also found they improved after taking magnesium and also making sure i drink plenty of water too.

I’ve been getting ‘normal’ daily headaches for months now, 2 Paracetamol usually do the trick. When the weather’s wet and cold (a lot of the time in Lancashire!), I get sinus headaches across the forehead, nose and around the eyes (and behind them). 2 Sinutab usually sort it out for a good 24 hours.

Just another idea to try out. Good luck!


Hi lisar

Are you sure they’re not migraines? They sound exactly the same as what I was getting at the start of my first relapse.if they are, your gp should be able to prescribe something that could make things better for you. Hope you get things sorted, cheers fluffyollie screenwipe

Bad headaches led to me being diagnosed with ppms I was told I had sle (lupus) after 4 years of tests , in may 2013

I was having a spell of hellish headaches that led to me being blue lighted to hospital where after some scans etc I was

Referred to neuroligy after more scans etc and lip I was given a three day course of steroids when they didn’t make much differance I was told I got ppms .

After change of mens I don’t get many headaches now

Oh Lisar that sounds dreadful. Headaches are the worst thing. Take an Imigran because that just might get shot lf it.

The other name is Sumatriptan. They are wonderful for migraine and I take one if ever I get a migraine and they have never failed. Pain killers always fail to do anything, but these don’t fail. Get a pack. I get mine from the GP but they are not prescription only.

That sounds like migraine definately. I used to get them all the time in the lead up to and first couple yrs after being diagnosed. It was awful, I swear some days was like I’d been punched - my eye was all sore & puffy. I got prescribed Sanomigraine & they really helped with the pain. Thankfully I very rarely get headaches these days. You poor thing though, that kinda pain is brutal. I hope your gp can help cos you shouldn’t be suffering like that with nothing, that’s not right

Thank you for all your replies, i will see my GP.