Choosing my treatment

I was dx on 5th April and was told i would go on an injection that would be needed every other day so i automatically thought my dr had decided for me which injection i would be using.

However i was in last week getting iv steroids (which i think i managed to get every side effect known!) and a ms nurse asked me if i had picked which injection i was thinking of using.

How the hell do i pick my posion!

Don’t you just love the wonderfully informative way that neuros support us at diagnosis…!

The very best place to start picking a DMD is the msdecisions website. It will give you loads of excellent, objective information so you can pick which one you think will suit you most.

There’s no “right” choice - just go for the best of the bunch in your eyes!

Fingers crossed whatever you choose works brilliantly for you :slight_smile:

Karen x

Definately go on the ms decision site its what Karen told me to do and its brilliant.

It tells you all about each option and at the end there is a tool to work through where you rate what is and isnt important to you side effect wise and how each option would fit into your lifestyle.

It then puts each options into columns and rates them against your preferences. You can do it as many times as you like tweaking your responses.

When you then see your ms nurse to discuss them all you have a better understanding of them and what you really dont want.

I amazed myself in choosing to inject daily, but I didnt fancy flu symptoms and immediately crossed the muscle one off the list and then I liked the option of storing cold but when not practical to keep them out of the fridge for a month…copaxone suited my lifestyle and I wasnt bothered so much about its side effects.

Someone else at the same time chose Rebif. Learn about them all and a gut reaction is sure to follow.

All the best


thanks. The two i am considering most are copaxone and rebif but need to think a bit more about! Although my brain switches off about ten minutes in and goes for a walk lol