Really Rubbish Week

I woke up in the middle of the night last Monday to feed Teddy and realised I couldnt see anything out of my left eye.Fed him and went back to bed hoping it would be ok in the morning but still couldnt see had pins and needles in my left leg and couldnt feel my foot.So was admitted for a lovely steroid session came home on Monday am numb from my hip down on the left side my vision is better but still blurry.

I have to make a DMD decision before Thursday when I have an outpatient appointment with the neurologist any suggestions I need minimal side effects maximum improvement please !! Dont we all


Hi Sorry to hear of your rubbish week.

Had one of those myself, with further loss of ability. Sickening innit hun? But hope the new meds help. Sorry I cant advise on this, as it never applied to me.

Im sure youll get more useful replies.


I spent ages debating on which DMD to choose. What options have they given you?

Hi Ellie. Sorry to hear you are struggling. Try the website msdecisions to help you decide which dmd to choose. Good luck. Teresa.x

If you don’t mind needles then go with copaxone as it has least side effects and the daily injection fits in nicely with your daily routine x

That is a bad week indeed. Let’s hope this week is a better one. I was on Avonex very happily and it did a good job for about 7 years. Only once a week and then forget about it for another week, so minimum being reminded all the time that you have filtered word-ing MS. No site reactions either. I got what I was given, but would have chosen it, looking back. Good luck with whatever you decide on. It will be good when things settle down a little and you get a chance to catch your breath. Good luck with it all. Alison