Chest Infection

Any cures anyone?

Thanks Val got them but someone told me pineapple juice to soothe sore throat. Wondered if anyone else had any remedies. Feels like I got man flu!!! Steve x


i am aware theres issues/problems with grapefruit juice and antibiotics-plenty info on net…

man flu?! oh dear-best thing is a maid to pamper u til its over

seriously tho-plenty fluids and paracetamol regularly esp if u have a temp. hope u feel better soon, ellie

Call me crazy. But I saw on facebook (you know that place where everything is true) that you should put vicks on the soles of your feet to ease a cough/sore chest…I looked it up on the net and alot of people say it works, vicks on soles then socks and it should work for about 8 hours…

Anything (that wont harm) is worth a go?!

Feel better soon