Chemo and MS

I have just been diagnosed with Acute Myeloid Leukaemia. I also have secondary progressive MS. My oncologist said they have never treated someone with MS before. I will need a hard hit of chemotherapy over 3 sessions getting less on last two. Has anyone on here ever had chemo and MS? Any problems? They are being a bit gloom and doom regarding my chances, mainly due to infection. If I don’t have this treatment then I can have a less invasive maintenance dose which will just stop it from progressing, for a while. The other option is to do nothing and have maybe 3 months. My reaction at the moment is to take my chances, as the other two are going to have a negative end result for sure. Any help is appreciated, thanks.

oh bless you lindylou

what a severe choice.

when you say your reaction is to take your chances, do you mean that you will take the chemo?

either way, i wish you all the very best.

Oh - life throwing everything at you Lindylou - its hard for us mere mortals to make the decisions to be honest - God Bless and stick with it (i would take my chances)

‘Afternoon, dear!

Hope everything turns out the best way possible.

I recall a lady a few years back, she was quite disabled with MS, but yet also was on chemotherapy for an advanced cancer(ovarian, I remember).

I hope you must be aware of Alemtuzumab (Lemtrada), which is chemotherapy itself, is getting utilised to treat active MS since 2014 September time.

I would suggest, it would be helpful, if you could ask the chemotherapy team to get in direct contact with your MS docs.

Otherwise, in my opinion, you should go for it. Because it’s far more vital to be concerned about controlling AML promptly and on priority basis.

Hope it helps

Bedt wishes for your recovery


I am so sorry that you have this shocker to deal with. My only suggestion would be to hold the docs’ feet as close to the fire as you need in order to have their very best estimate of the risks and benefits to you of each option. I don’t doubt that you have done this already, in which case the very best for whatever course you decide. I just wish your options were nicer ones.


aqm805’s advice that your oncologist should contact your m.s. neuro is good advice or you could contact the neuro yourself. Your oncologist may know very little about m.s. I know someone with m.s. who had cancer and had radiotherapy. The radiotherapy was gruelling and absolutely exhausting but it didn’t affect the m.s. although recovering from the debilitating effects of the radiotherapy took a long time.