ms, breast cancer and chemo


Please could somebody help me?

I am having breast cancer surgery this Tuesday - 9th July, 2013 - and having all my lymph nodes removed too.

They said I would need radiotherapy followed by chemotherapy but my research on chemo drugs has frightened me regarding the effect on my ms and the detrimental effect on my brain cells - I have little enough left!!

Has anybody else had this procedure done? If so, please let me know how you got on.

The MacMillan nurse I spoke to said it would be fine because ms doesn’t affect the brain !!! Can you believe that?!!!

Even after 24 years of ms, I am astonished at how little the medical fraterity know about this rotten disease.

Many thanks in advance.

Hi hun.

Wow, no wonder you are aghast at what the MacMillan nurse said…me too!

Sorry I cant offer any advice, as I dont know owt about your question.

BUT I do want to wish you well for the treatment and send you my support.

luv Pollx

Hi there, Do you have an ms nurse you could ask to clarify the effect chemo would have on you? All my best wishes for your surgery and hope that you can get some answers to help put your mind at rest. You don’t need any more stress at this stage. xxx

Hey there Boudicca and Fudgey,

Many thanks for your replies and your good wishes. They are much appreciated.

The recent NHS cutbacks here have meant that the MS nurse I did have has gone and there is only one nurse at another hospital.

I have left several messages but got no reply.

Ah well, I’ll just have to wing it by myself - no change there!!

Thank you again for your kindness.

Stay well.

Hello there,

Like you, I have MS and am just going through treatment for breast cancer too. I have just had chemotherapy and will soon be having my lymph nodes removed. I have to admit that the chemo isn’t much fun, but I told my consultant neurologist that I was being treated for this and he said that he was satisfied that I was having the treatment. He also went on to say that one of the chemicals I was given as part of my chemo even used to be prescribed for MS and that some people found it useful. You can pm me any time. I also have to have radiotherapy, Tamoxifen and Herceptin.

Best wishes,