Channel 4 10pm Thursday 23/11/17 MS HSCT

Not sure what to expect. Hailing HSCT as a miracle cure for MS.

Suffering myself with PPMS & living alone, seeing how others cope with SPMS. Which isn’t great! Doesn’t fill me with much hope. Especially after some of the TV dramatizations of what MS is apparently like.

I tell folks & they say I’m acting. I must be good.

Personally, I think they are the ones, full of crap. Maybe they want an Oscar. I want to give them a black eye or two, instead.

Fakers make me sick to death & need one of my boots, stuck up their back side.

We already know.

It appears not be HSCT, as it doesn’t involve chemotherapy and the stem cells are injected directly into the spine.

I watched it . It was interesting and seemed to work at first but I’m not sure how long it would last. The man seemed quite grumpy I felt a bit sorry for his wife, maybe his ms made him grumpy . His cognitive functions were very good . I suppose it effects everyone differently. Michelle and Frazer x

Medically it showed me that once MS takes hold. It doesn’t just destroy a persons health. The frustration is a normal reaction. Fare do’s to getting on as best as he could in a social media enviroment. Writing text on the internet is getting bad enough. Voicing an oppinion, when the real goal is to improve a health situation & keeping the future motivation. Knowing it’s just going to get more difficult as time passes. It’s all a MESS. Too many people in the kitchen & chaos will persist. Deep breaths & a fresh menu is on the cards. Seeing how people cope is an inspiration. Especially if they are trying to improve things. Hydration, a good diet & self pushing physically, seems to get results. Keeping the mind on a better outcome is paramount.

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I have recorded it and and will watch later.

Pam xx

I agree with you Michelle, his wife was lovely and such a good positive person. I did feel a bit sorry for her pushing him around all over the place.

we just have to try and remain positive and cheerful so that people enjoy our company.

it was informative though.

Jane X

Not seen it I will try over the weekend, I didnt get up till after 3 today Heather got e up showered and dressed. I was asleep all morning and only got up then to go to the bathroom.