Hi Guys - hope everyone is feeling good - I was at a MS function the other night and was speaking to one of the counsellors and he completely ruled out HSCT treatment and said the Panorama programme shouldn’t have been aired and its giving us all false hope, but surely the people involved in these research programmes know what they’re doing - sorry guys but i was annoyed - surely there must be some light at the end of the tunnel…I know it is an aggressive treatment but MS can be an aggressive disease…

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Sorry, Redman. I don’t think that the Panorama programme should have been shown either.

It was typical Panorama - Gosh! Gee Wizz! sensational, but almost content free.
It was obvious that the researchers had not done a very good job, and were concentrating on just one particular stem-cell treatment. So one team got some free publicity. That is not balanced reporting.
I suggest that you go back to the thread that was started after the programme aired. and read the comments from someone who is a patient of the Neurologist featured.

Having said that, I still believe that sterm-cells offer the best hope - longterm - for an MS cure (but not in time for me).



Hi, over the years, we have seen many a news breaking article, with a …this is it cure! theme. And then after theyve got us all excited and hopeful, tell us it will probably be several years before this cure`is widely available.

Similarly with the stem cell treatment…it gives the impression, everyone with MS will be free of it!

We have to try not to get over excited, but at the same time, we all want and hope to be healthier than we are.


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Fully understand folks and appreciate the advice…I’m just so disheartened that 10 years ago we were told that “its ten years away” & now its 20 years away…just having a down day to be honest…

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Hang in there kiddo!

Try not to be too upset. Tomorrow is another day and it mun cum neet!

An old yorkshire man told me that, when I was fretting over summat or other!

It means, nightfall will happen and there will be summat else to occupy our thoughts.

Good saying, dont you reckon?


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i suspect that when a cure comes it will be ‘out of the blue’; no decades of research, just a “holy crap! that’s it!” moment.

in the meantime, i shall continue to sunbathe my mushrooms.


Thanks guys - just need to hope, for a ray of sunshine…

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