changing taste

Hi, I just wondered if anyone had suddenly taken a dislike to any foods? i have always drunk quite a lot of milk with my coffee - even drinking 2 cups of coffee made of all milk each day, but now the only coffee i drink is black - im not pregnant as i was asked in work today! it may just be a phase im going through but ive never drunk black coffee before i just suddenly started last week


Have you had a Covid test? One of the symptoms is related to taste and smell. Just a thought.


hi thanks for replying, i did wonder about covid too, but that came back negative - think its just a funny phase

black coffee sounds quite sophisticated (I’m easily impressed).

How do you like your coffee? Black, no sugar. Imagine it’s George Clooney asking!

Good that covid test was negative.

You really are easily impressed. Nearly everyone I know drinks black coffee with no sugar. Strong black coffee at that. Even Mr Sssue may drink decaff (he’s a wuss!), but it’s still black. Are we really cool? In a George Clooney way? Could I / would I stand a chance with Mr Clooney? I bet that Amal girl drinks weak white coffee with sugar in it!

Sue (‘oh George, thank you, I’d love a Nespresso, strong black with no sugar or any of those girly flavourings’)!


I have always had white coffee, no sugar, however nothing beats a double espresso, black, no sugar, seems that the extreme hit of caffeine negates the need for sugar.

flippin eck, we can really witter on about anything!

Yes why wouldn’t you stand a chance with George? Amal seems nice enough but I bet she isn’t as funny as you.

The fact that my Frank makes me laugh is what has kept us together for 40 years - sh*t that’s a very long time.

sorry ACT I went right off topic

no prob - unfortunatly i cant be that sophisticated cos i still take sugar