C'est la vie ( have a laugh )

Hi all

Pull up a chair and pour yourself a glass of some thing. As a bit of background to this I went to see the shrink today-not unusual, but it went on the bus.
There are 3 characters here we will call them
Me - Mike
1-pensioner 1
2-pensioner 2.

I got to the bus stop, on my way I missed two buses as I cannot go that quick and have two crutches. I finally got to the bus stop, took off the crutches and set on the metal bench.
Five min later pensioner 1 and 2 arrived, pensioner 1 sat on the bench and proceeded to hutch up causing me to move into the corner of the bus stop, dubious smell, and get off the bench as there was no room (soft or what, respect for the elderly)
I got of the bench and propped myself of the bus belter, leaned in and got crutches. This is here story starts in earnest.

1-“you didn’t have to get up love”
Me-“that’s ok, we wouldn’t all fit on the bench”
1-“oh I didn’t see those crutches, sit down”
Shuffles bottom along bench 10cm
1-" have you hurt your leg?"
Me-“no I have MS”
1 proceeds to tell 2, who appears to be hard of hearing.
1-“do you know he has got M&S”
2-“no there isn’t a M&S in Oldham”
+#+??!!- what do you say to that. It brightened up my day, not funny but c’est la vie.

Hope you havea good laugh at it, I did on the bus.

Take it easy


Hi Mike

Exactly what my 6yr old grandson told his friend, after being asked "why is your Nan in a

wheelchair", to which my grandson proudly says "she's got M & S, bless him.


If only things in life were that simple.



Bless themhappyflower, you have to laugh don't you!



My Mum used to say M+S, bless her as you say if only it was that simple.happy