Cervical Spine Degeneration

Hi All

I have had the results of my mri of head, spine and neck. It was a very brief letter from the neuro and not a report. It said:

The recent MRI of this patient’s brain was entirely normal. There was normal apperance of the spinal cord and caudo equina with evidence of degenerative change throughout the cervical region. The patient will be reviewed in clinic.

Anybody know the significance of ‘degenerative change throughout the cervical region’.

I have problems with saliva/food choking (aspiration) and wondered if that was connected.

Is this indicative of ms or anything else, It didnt say lesions which as far I know you have to have evidence of to have ms (although i realise some are diagnosed with no visable lesions).

Thank you for reading.


Hi Cathy, sorry I am unable to explain this to you. But if it were me, I would speak to my GP about it. He/she should be able to help.

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I have crvical spine degeneration, basically is where the discs between the vertibra start to offer less support to the bones of the vertibra.

it can have various effects,in my case it has trapped the ulna nerve which led to slight weekness of my left arm and pain in my shoulder and sent my little finger numb the pain soon subsided but the numbness has stayed,but half the time I dont notice it.

Not being medical I dont know it can cause your symptoms, but it was explained to me initially it is the inflamtion that puts pressure on the nerves and that does decrease so relieving some of the problem.

Although I do have MS the cercical situation was nothing to do with that, jus wear and tear.

Good luck with it

Hi Cathy,

I too have this…it did not come to light with my MRI (head and cervical spine) but I had to have an x-ray…as sometimes my head felt too heavy for my neck and also my neck kept ‘clicking’. I found out that some of the discs had worn…and was told it was wear and tear due to getting older.

My MRI and other tests have come out as ‘no significant signs’ so I have not been diagnosed with MS.

I have tingling down my left side a lot…and now I’m maybe wondering if it is a trapped nerve due to the neck problem. I also feel drunk and lightheaded…and feel like something is moving up and down my legs…and my arms feel weak…I think maybe another trip to the GP is in order for me…although hes not too sympathetic!

I wish you well.


Thank you all for your replies, I thought the degeneration was probably not ms related so thank you. Just need some answers as I have had various symptoms for the last 8 or 9 years and they cannot all be down to cervical degeneration. Wendy ~ Do you get fasciculations with your cervical degeneration problems, and tripping and stumbling? Also I have had these issues (and many others) since I was 40, is that early for cervical degeneration do you know or can it come at any age? Thank you.

Hi Cathy,

Yes, I do get fasciculations and tingling and all sorts of problems…although…I’ve not been told that its because of my spine.

I am going to have to fight to make them realise that it’s not all in my head. The problems are mainly down my left side…although I can get random things on my right too.

No idea how old you have to be for the spine wear and tear…mine started last year and I’m 52 next week!

I’ve plucked up courage to see the GP again next week…although he thinks I should go for counselling…!

I’m gonna make him listen…after all It’s my body and I’m the one with the nasty symptoms…

I’ll keep you all posted.

Good Luck,