Cecil the Lion

Dear All,

If like me you think it is beyond disgusting what happened with this dear animal. Please sign the online petition to have this man and his collaborators brought to book about what they did.

This man from Minnesota paid to kill this beautiful, PROTECTED animal. How sick is that. If you need more details, please read up on it.

Please sign the on line petition to have hmi and his colleagues extradicted to Zimbabwe to be punished.

I am more than upset over this. I cannot really put into words how I feel.

Please help, to stop this happening again. Please share with all you know.

Thank you



I am upset about it too Anne.

Perhaps an online link would help get the numbers up Anne.

Shazzie xx

This man has form when it comes to slaughtering animals for pleasure and needs to be taught a lesson, but he comes from a Country that thinks God created the world 5000 years ago and gave each person an assault rifle, so don’t think it’s going to happen.

Sadly, Zimbabwe has far bigger problems to content with.


It makes me laugh when he said he thought he`d killed Cecil legally…wtf? when is it ever legal or ethical to kill any animal for sport…makes me sick!

hope he loses his business, family and eventually, his life.



Me too Poll. Exactly how I feel. Horrible, vile, man. I am hoping that someone kills him. Sorry but that’s how I feel.


I love a quote from the late great Robin Williams who talked about the Americans’ “right to bear arms” and the right to arm bears !!

No need to elaborate :slight_smile:

Poor Cecil and all the other “trophies” I vote that we put all trophy hunters in an enclosure with their targets and let Darwin do the rest.

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lts worrying - This deadly dentist should be made an example of. Live by the gun - then die by one. Throw him to the lions!!

Does anyone remember the woman,shopping in Walmart, 2yr old sat in the shopping trolley seat - he put his hand into his mums handbag and found a loaded gun - and he shot and killed her. - Time for someone to be strong enough to change the laws.

l have 3 rescue dogs - and have had several cats/horses etc all rescue - now we are caring for two donkeys. The - ABLDR A better life dog rescue - who save dogs in Romania - have a lovely young dog that they are going to bring over- he was struck at by a man with a machete for scavenging round some bins. He has lost part of his front leg/foot. The tv Supervet has agreed to help.

Just read all this - world has gone mad that people will do this and pay for the “privilege”. Sadly, not much surprises me any more but struggling with this one.

Horrific. Signed the petition and forwarded to everyone I know.


Heard on the radio today that someone shot Cecil’s brother who was thought to be protecting his/Cecil’s cubs…??? Anyone heard that addiction ???

The DM said his brother is still alive.I hope its true.

I’ve signed the petition here:

I think feelings are running pretty high in the US as well, so perhaps something will be done.

Jo x

@whammel: i disagree strongly with what happened too but please don’t insult Christian beliefs! That’s not helpful at all.

Jeez, back to the point

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I doubt if your comment was hlpful either.

I read whammel’s remarks as being allegorical:
Whilst semi- and full-automatic rifles are legal im many American states, the only way you can get one for free is to join the National Guard for a state.
As for his comment about the creation - this view is held by about 40% of Americans (i.e. not all).

If you are so insecure in your faith as to see his comment as an attack, then you could have told him this by PM.
Personally, I do not feel that he has attacked my beliefs at all.



See below…

I’ve been on safari and seen these and other stunning animals in the wild and it was the best experience in my life!! How on earth any one can kill them for no just reason just baffles me.


Whilst i do not endorse, or even understand, the motivation of trophy hunters, i feel that the public response (aka global lynch mob) is disproportionate to the point of insanity.

Ultimately nothing will change, even slightly, as a consequence of all this. But do not worry; people will grow bored / forgetful, just in time for the next outrage to grace the headlines of tabloid media…



I wouldn’t be surprised if his local Pastor encouraged it. Those young earth creationists believe in dominion of the earth. Far batter to be humbled by the majesty and beauty of the universe and our planet.

I am lucky to live in a small valley where Neolithic art has been found. I can imagine their lives. I feel humble. I look up at the night sky and feel awe.

Not wanting to bring religion into this immoral killing either. I wish my bladder would behave itself though…

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The poor lion but as has been suggested that there are so called humans out there who have shot and bombed people and they are lauded as heroes and visionaries…strange world we live in and its difficult to change…

Paolo, sorry but I think this particular case WILL make a difference…that dentist is no more a dentist, as his businees has closed…result!


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