Hi everyone

can anyone offer any advice on using CBD for pain management? Does it help?

What’s the most effective way to administer it

Thanks in advance


I got some Charlotte’s Web oil, it helped with leg spasticity but too expensive!

I have been lucky to have nabilone prescribed to me (off-licence in England but ok for MS in Scotlnd) and it works well on my leg stiffness but can make me a bit forgetful so I don’t take too much.

Sonia x

Hi there A.T, another person in the ppms group recommended Medipen to me. After researching the Medipen website, I ordered the starter set & 3 cartridges. I spoke to my g.p & he read part of the info. The cartridges are an oil base mixed with cannabis but no wacky stuff. It’s cannabis with safety & cannot become addictive. My gp agreed it’s worth trying & ordered me Satires but I refused

The main part of the 'pen’s is the battery which lasts ages before recharging, the the cartridge screws on & contains the slimline mouthpiece.

I only take 5 or 6 puffs & inhale the vapour and I’m so relaxed. The pain is eased a lot though I still have morphine based painkillers.

I have to say I find the benefits of relaxation & main relief worth the initial £70 for starter kit with 1 cartridge & I added 3 others. l have 2 cartridges still sealed.

Hope this helps

Chrissie x

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There are alot of companies out there making a fortune from CBD oil and in all honesty their product is not fit for purpose. Be very wary.

As already mentioned Charlottes Web is a decent product. Just rather expensive. I smoke weed and it has suppressed my symptoms for alot of years, (diagnosed 2/11/2016 with ppms, but have known for years) and it does the trick. I just wish the government would revise its archaic drugs policy as cannabis used correctly, has so many medical benefits

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Hi Geo69

Just a reminder that Class B drugs are illegal in this country and that this is a public page, so everything you post is in the public sphere.



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My views and the fact i choose to not have my human rights disregarded by the government are already out there in the public domain Oliver. Hence why i put the bit about being criminalised for my choice. First comment and i get my knuckles rapped by admin. Maybe this forum aint the place for me to get support.

Geo69, it was intended as a gentle reminder and not a knuckle rapping, the use of cannabis is illegal - so, as an admin it’s one of my duties to remind members that any discussion regarding its use is in the public sphere.


Oliver (admin)

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I use CBD paste and I find it very effective. I have PPMS and my overriding issues relate to mobility, balance, spasticity in my legs and grumbling pain and discomfort in my legs.

I tried Gabapentin but stopped before I was locked into a spiral of dependency and dosage increases. The side effects were also unpleasant.

I take about two drops in the morning and another similar dose late afternoon. I found that the pain and discomfort have disappeared and the stiffness in my legs has reduced. I have no idea of the level of pain you endure and I cannot say that it will work for you. I also exercise regularly and control my diet along the Swank principles.

I did raise a thread on this issue a few weeks ago and the link is below. I won’t repeat the contents.

However there is an update on the CBD licencing issue commented on in the Volteface newsletter. We will see if this short reprieve will make any difference.

The benefits of licensing a product should ensure that what you are buying does actually contain CBD, which will be a great benefit to us consumers. Regrettably, the costs and bureaucracy involved in obtaining the licences will benefit Big Pharma, as only they can afford the costs and then will inevitably pass them on to the consumer, as the legal market for CBD products will then be very limited.