CBD for insomnia & pain management

I’ve been loitering here for a couple of years as my partner’s PPMS symptoms have been manageable, but this year his insomnia and general anxiety and pain have become a lot worse. His last MRI showed a significant worsening of his scarring which explains the fairly rapid decline.

I have looked back through some past threads on CBD and have seen that a few of you have had good results with oil and paste and that CBD Brothers was recommended as a source. Can anyone please let me know what you take for what symptoms so I know what to suggest to my partner?

For the record, he is also on the forums and knows I am posting about this.

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Hi Claire,

I’m sorry to hear your partner is suffering more. I have no advice re this but am also interested to know for similar reasons, so I’ll follow your thread too if that’s OK??


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Of course!


I have been using the 16.4% paste, bought from CBD Brothers, for over two years now.

As you may have read in other threads, I find it very useful for alleviating neuropathic pain, improving my sleep pattern, reducing my bladder urges and good for general wellbeing.

I take three doses a day; each dose is about the length of a grain of rice. Only experimentation will produce the correct dose and the number required daily.

Just as examples, I was able to wean myself off Gabapentin and Darifenacin, the latter prescribed for bladder urge incontinence, once the CBD started working its magic.

I am not aware that any specific type, or strength, of CBD is beneficial for particular symptoms, but I would be interested to hear any views on this.

I would recommend that your partner trial it for a decent period of time, say a month, to evaluate any benefits.

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No CBD advice for you but hi, and how’re you doing? I think we shared some music loves

Sonia x

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Alun, thank you for taking the time to write a detailed reply. This is really helpful and gives us a good place to start.

Fingers crossed for a good outcome!

Warm wishes,


Hey Sonia, indeed we did! Not sure if it was here or on your blog?

Things have been hectic, but mostly in good ways. How about you - how are things with you?

Claire x

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Going downhill but slowly. Thanks Claire x

Personally, I use CBD oil to deal with insomnia, anxiety issues & more . As practice shows it really works, i do think that cannabis sholud be legal though especially for medical purposes. Btw, I did my own research on CBD oil effectiveness for dealing with insomnia and found this article - . It proves CBD works.