Cautionary Motability Tale.

The other day I picked up my new Motability Honda Jazz which I asked for hand controls to be fitted which Motability fitted FOC.The only trouble was when I got to the Honda dealer and inspected  the car the hand controls were fitted but with no steering wheel ball,which I thought came as part of the hand control kit  and is essential when driving with only one hand on the steering wheel cos the other is on the push pull hand control.I test drove the car using the hand controls but without the steering ball it was very awkward even dangerous so the dealer advised that I don't drive the car using the hand controls until I got a steering wheel ball fitted.He contacted the hand control fitting company and they said a steering ball should have been asked for when the order was put in cos 40% of people don't want them fitted,and I didn't cos I didn't know one had to be asked for and neither did the motability advisor at the dealer.For a removable ball it's 50 quid which Motability won't pay for cos the ball wasn't part of the original order.So I'll have to shell out 50 quid on Monday when the fitting company fit a steering ball.I blame the Motability advisor at the dealer for not Knowing and the fitting company for not asking.Just a cautionary tale for anyone ordering a Motability car,investigate the adaptations that you need and that you don't have to add anything,easy when you've done it before but could be costly when you haven't.Talk later.Dave.

Yes, I had to fork out for a steering ball as well. The other problem I've got is that the garage didn't fit an indicator switch on the hand control. I manage without it, but it's difficult to indicate at roundabouts.


Thank you so much for the warning!! nervous

I've recently ordered a new Motability car with hand controls (push/pull brake & accelerator) which is due at the dealers next month.  Sadly, like you I got no advice from the dealer's Motability advisor that it may be necessary to also get a steering-ball fitted, so I didn't order one at the time.

Instead of being excited at the prospect of a new car, I'm now quite nervous blushblush

Thanks again,



Hi, just read your post and decided to google `steering wheel ball`. Did so and see they can`t be bought from amazon for around a tenner.

Yes, I realise folk with hard to use hands, may find fitting one too difficult.But isn`t there a friend or family member who would fit it for you?

As I look at the item, only a screw driver is needed and a bit of oomph to make it secure.

Or am I getting this wrong?

luv Pollx


If you contact your dealer they should be able to amend the order to include the steering wheel ball. I added a hoist to lift my scooter in to the boot a week before the car was due. There were no problems with this, I received new paperwork with the same pin number; it just had the new equipment listed.

Give them a ring and they should sort it easily,

Sarah x

I rang Motability and they said it was too late to amend the order as I had taken delivery of the vehicle.Also I used to be a forklift truck engineer and have fitted loads of steering wheel balls/spinners and at a tenner they are expensive but I am after a quick release ball so my wife can take it off easily when driving the car but the cheapest I can see is £49.95.The adaptations company want 35 quid for the ten quid ebay ones so I think on Monday I'm going to have to smile and hand over the 50 quid.The girl at the motability adaptations company said I could have the ball at cost price,cheers,but I'll believe that when I'm handing over the money.I can tell you it's a real dissapointment to have a new car on the drive and have to wait till Monday to drive it,that's if they come.Dave.