Driving with hand controls

i wonder if you can hep the new boy.I may shortly have to consider using hand controls.i am not bad enough to get motability and so am looking at buying them myself.Has anyone had any experience of electric throttle control rings as to be honest the stick type of control for throttle and brake is a step too far.The car i

I would want to fit them to is a Mazda MX5 automatic with an additional flapper gear shift and cruise control’.I do not want to ruin a very nice car.Do you know of a good company in Scotland who does this.

If you Google Hand control adaptions in (the area you life) it should come up with a company. Failing that any car dealer should be able to tell you where a local company is.

They will be able to advise on the different adaptations available to you and the cost.

Best wishes Jan x

I looked at the accelerator/brake rings a few years ago, having had the stick type on my old car (which cost about £700). The ring type, which do look more stylish cost about double the price of the stick push/pull type. There’s no way I was going to spend that, especially as the chances of my actually driving the car were fairly slim. In the end, I went for the stick type with a steering ball and to hell with what it looked like. It was still a nice car.

When we got our last car (from Motability), we didn’t bother getting hand controls at all as I just wasn’t driving. I doubt now that I’ll ever drive again.

Jan’s advice is spot on, find a local dealer and talk to them about what you can get and the cost.



I tried the control ring, but didn’t get on with it. The push/pull lever was much simpler for me, though of course we’re all different. One thing you could do is go to a mobility centre, where you should be able to try different controls, I think there’s one in Edinburgh -

I had an assessment at one, and got to try three different types of control. It was definitely a good thing to do. Can’t remember how much it cost though.