Hand conrols

Hi everyone,

Knowing how knowledgeable you all are, I need some help/advise. I had Jeff Gosling hand controls put on my car and have now just brought a new car. My daughter is having the old car, so I have the controls removed. Can I get the controls placed on my new car, I’m not with Motability and they weren’t cheap. I will ring the company who originally put them on but wanted, if anyone know in advance what the chances are. I rarely used them, once the break years ago when I was reversing, it’s peace of mind that I can break should my leg play up. Thank you for reading and look forward to your comments.

Meriel x

I can’t see why you can’t take the hand controls off one car and put them on another. But why not phone the company who did the original adaptations and ask them?


Hi , I have had hand controls for years and I have always been told you cannot use the same hand controls in a different car, I think it is for safety control.


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Hi - I have swapped cars a couple of times and had to have different controls as they are specific to each vehicle - sorry. If you are registered disabled you don’t have to pay the VAT on them though. X