Catheter and bleeding

Hi all as some of you no my hubby got ppms and has had catheter in since August anyway over the past month it has either blocked or fell out three times . Today he was going hospital and as I got him up catheter fell out. So left it an hour to phone nurse as he was passing urine a bit and he thought it was going be ok. It deffo wasn’t as I called nurse as he was so desperate to go and nothing was coming out. Normally they here within 30 mins. An hour passed hubby sweating and in lot pain so rang again was told they busy n can’t give me a time so ring ambulance. Did that same response very busy so waited 40 mins hubby about to pass out n ambulance came they wouldn’t put catheter in as think something going on inside so take him hospital he on gas and air and writhing about legs are shaking so bad coz of tremors was 18 people in corridor waiting be seen so I kicked of said can’t leave him like this so they take him threw to put catheter in and five times they tried before getting one in so when he gets wheeled out he got blood on him n bag full of blood. They tried say was normal. So I had to nip home n he starts hemmaroging (ignore spelling) so races back n he looks terrible covered in blood doc come give him blood clotter n said keep him in over nite to see urologist in morning. So question is it normal bleed so much and does anybody else have this problem I so worried I don’t no what to do I scared they have damaged him now

Aw I’m so sorry. What a horrible experience for your husband and for you. I often think regardless of pain, it can almost be worse to be the partner of the person enduring such an excruciating and frightening medical emergency.

Your local nurses should have put your husband straight to the top of their list rather than just say they’re too busy!

I do think if the hospital hadn’t seen that before, they’d have called a urologist to come and see him immediately rather than tomorrow. So hopefully it will be something they can deal with reasonably easily.


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I used to be a nurse… funnily enough I had a catheter put in myself and waited nearly 3 hours in a and e myself. It may just be tumour from them trying to fit the catheter in … fingers crossed he is ok


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Sorry I have got no advice to offer, just wanted to wish both you and your husband the very best.

Hope it is sorted out quickly for both of you.

Pam x

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Hi all hubby home now. They kept him on blood clotter treatment n apart from occasionally a little blood coming out he fine. It’s totally wiped him out tho n it was the trauma of what happened put him in shock so loads tlc! Right today took daughter for a referral to be done for neurologist as they think she has ms also. So hey ho upwards n on xxx