catch up....warning..........could be a long post

good afternoon my homies!

Not been on here since Tuesday…lots gone on to relate…

Tuesday night;

turned over in bed and got a huge STAB from my catheter, telling me it was still there. My new intake of pregabalin had taken the pain away very nicely thankyou!


Got up with awful chuffin` pain in my tum again. we had a day out planned, to visit our girl in Crewe. Hadnt seen her and the girlies, since August and they were in a new house.

Wanted to go so much…but…hubby asked if we should cancel…oooh!

I was in the shower when GP rang! …she asked if I was able to talk…I said…with a splutter and a bubble…Yes, of course!, as carer wrapped me in towels and moisturised my legs and feet.

She asked how I was doing on the pregabalin. I told her the heels were a little less painful, but the tum pain had gone…never expected that, but was so happy about it…she said to up the dose to 150mg. I said Oh, as much as that? She asked if was anxious about doing that. I said id rather increase it by 25mg for a week and then go to 150mg. She agreed.

Then I said to her, Theres something else, isnt there…with my liver? She said stuff I didnt understand....alt levels, alkaline levels...........what the chuff? She said the levels wernt very high, but were just over normal…dunno what the flumming ummer normal is!

She said it can be caused by;

excessive alcohol…I rarely touch it as it makes me woozy and I can do that without alcohol, ta very much!


jaundice…nope, i dont resemble a yellowy/orange oompalumpa!

over use of paracetomol…well GP has told me on several occassions over the years, to take them every 4 hours, for backpain, shoulder pain and chuff knows what else, cheers Doc!

viral…dunno what to think about that

having un protected sex or oral sex…yeuk! no ta…been there…didnt like it!..the latter I mean!

So top and bottom is I have to have a blood test every 4 weeks…I didnt think to ask what happens if the levels dont come right…what is the treatment?

Then we talked about my next week`s appt with the uro re my spc/tum pain. She said she will be interested to know what he says. So I have an appt to see her (not done that for eons, as always have tel appts with her) on 5th Nov…remember, remember the 5th of November etc…who is going plotting?

Ater the call, we went to visit daughter in new house in Crewe… very cosy and contemporarily furnished. She loves it…the previous house reminded her of her despicable ex too much. Its HER home, she got it all by herself…bless her.

We had tea and a birthday cake shed made for me....bless her..........we left at 6.45pm.........I got home totally chuffed in.knackered and cream crackered and everything! Id been sitting in my wheelie for 12 hours…my tum was agony with every bump and trundle on the M62!



luv Pollx

if youve managed to get to the bottom of this post, then have a virtual patience medal from yours truly!

Oh Poll! Sounds like your having a tough time of it let’s hope your appt with the uro comes up with some answers. Glad you had a good time at your daughters. Keep resting. I’m just lying in bed resting as have friends coming round tonight. Big hugs Barney

Poll - when I had an SPC I also got a lot of pain…eventually worked out it was worse when bladder had least in it [I was using a flip-flo valve rather than continuous drainage].

It turned out that the catheter was scraping the wall of my empty bladder so I waited till it was pretty full before emptying it…BUT…I think that catheter suppliers can cut them to shorter length.

I was lucky in only needing the SPC for a few months during a horrible relapse but it was a darn sight better than the alternative!!


Thank you for your reply.

What you say about the catheter scraping the bladder wall, makes me think. I do think the pain is related to that.

I have a female only catheter and 2 unisex ones. The female is shorter. I will take it to my uro appt to show him and ask if it would be better.

I dont want to go on valve emptying, as I did that before and suffered by-passing, awful spasms and still had to rush to empty.


Bladders are sensitive - Poll. Use the female length one - and the bags with no tubing. And tie it with a lace/cord around your waist like l do. Then you will have it supported and comfortable - no bouncing about. The tiny holes in the end of the catheter can get ‘sucked’ into the bladder wall when it is empty. This could be your pain. You can just slowly turn the catheter now and then to re-site it and make yourself more comfortable. Don’t be frightened touching it - you will not dislodge it. lf you need a longer tube for emptying - you can always cut the long tube off a night bag to fix onto the tap end.

No l could not cope with the flip-flow valve - l just kept wetting.

Just a thought about paracetamol - it’s not just how long to leave between taking each dose, but also the total number you take in a day.

I am sure you don’t need telling that, but I’ll be patronising and say it anyway. It’s very easy to overdose on paracetamol as it’s in all sorts of over-the-counter stuff. Again, you aren’t daft so I expect I’m being annoying again!

take care and I hope your liver sorts itself out without any more pain!


Hi Poll

Hope you are feeling better soon and that the catheter problem sorts itself out.

I can’t beleive you still have such a wonderful sense of humour despite all that’s happening


and I hope things settle down soon.

((((((((BIG WARM HUGS))))))) Mary

I’ve won my virtual medal hon… but actually I don’t need to be rewarded for reading your posts… they are too good for that.

Sounds like it’s been a tough week Poll, but I’m glad you got to go to your daughter’s and that she’s making a life for herself after all that terrible break up etc.

Hope the liver levels come out ok next time. Yes I too am always being told to take Paracetamol by doctor… without any warnings.

Hope by now you are feeling better and more rested and having a good Sunday.

Love, Pat xxx

Hi and thanks for your replies.

Frances…I am going to take the female catheter you sent me to the uro on Wed and ask if I can use them instead of the longer ones. I know you always try to help me and I am grateful hun.

Pat…had a good weed of stuff in hubbys office.............some old dvds of mine and books on gardening..........all going to charity shop. Hes shifted cobwebs and grime from behind the book shelves. I have packed away my summer clothes and tidied my meds and craft boxes, so we both feel cleansed!

Mary…theyll never take my sense of humour......Im a natural nutter!

Ellen…you are never annoying…your care is so kind and I dont think I have overdosed on paracetomol, but am avoiding them now.

luv Polllx

Oh Poll

How do you keep so happy? I hope you’ve got a punchbag to have a punch at from time to time. I reckon you need one. Lol!!

I really hope they sort out your spc/tum pain and that your bloods come back normal next month. It is stupid that your GP wanted to increase your meds by 150mg if your bloods were elevated, I suppose it should reassure you as they wouldn’t increase it would they if they were worried? There, that’s my positive thoughts being sent your way. I know you are positive about things too. You always are by looking on the funny side.

Sounds like you had a lovely time at your daughters.

Take care sweets.

Shazzie xx

Sounds like you’re still having a bit of a nightmare :frowning:

Sending hugs & positive thoughts

Sonia x

Thankyou Shazzie & Sonia.

Yeh, somehow I get through the really bad times and find a laff somewhere among the chaos.

This morning my carer Bev and I were in fits if laughter, as she was cleaning and dressing my spc wound, her shoulder cracked and she said Oh, Im creaking . With my poor hearing I thought shed said my crack was creaking! I said, Im not that old, that my crack is creaking!`

Hope that doesn`t get filtered by the system!

See, laughter is really the best tonic.

luv Pollx

The female-length bladder sensitivity poll suggests using bags without tubing. Secure it around your waist with a lace or cord as I do for added support and comfort, minimizing any bouncing. Sometimes, the small openings at the catheter’s end can inadvertently pull into the bladder wall when it’s empty, which may cause discomfort. You can gently reposition the catheter occasionally to alleviate any pain and enhance your comfort. Don’t worry about touching it; you won’t dislodge it. If you require a longer tube for drainage, you can always cut the extended tubing from a night bag and attach it to the tap end.

I personally found the flip-flow valve challenging to manage; it led to leakage issues for me.
you can also use the harness for posture.