cartoon hands

Hi guys, I have a symptom that is driving me nuts, when I get tired my hands start throbbing ( like cartoon characters hand after they have been thumped with an anvil)

Doc is wanting to start me on amytriptiline 10mg. Anyone else get these symptoms. ?



I get loads of pain and gremlin like symptoms in my hands, every day.

This is what started my MS journey and then diagnosis.

Ametriptyline definately helped ease things. The pain used to wake me constantly every night.

If I do wake at night now, I quickly drop off again.

Dont know if your Doc told u but it has a mild sedative in it…sleep, heavan!

Hope it works for you.

Clare x

Thanks Clare , i will pick up my prescription tomorrow. xx

Yes I do, and it drives me mad. Not on any meds have not been diagnoised yet…Waiting game.