Carrying things while walking

Hello to anyone reading this. I’m looking for some suggestions please.

I have to do a lot of laundry for my hubby, 13 tear old daughter and myself. We do own a tumble drier but, I prefer to hang washing out on a washing line. On days when my walking isn’t too bad and there’s no-one else at home to carry it outside to the line for me, my problem is getting a basket of wet washing out to the washing line. I use a tri-walker and carrying anything at the same time as using the walker is very difficult (nigh on impossible!).

Does anyone have any suggestions about how I can overcome this problem? (A supermarket trolley would be ideal but we don’t have one of those!).

Any suggestions gratefully received.

Thank you in advance.



Is it possible to exchange the 3 wheeled for a 4 wheeled walker? Mine has a seat so can sit washing on it.

Ellie x

I have a wheeled trolley in the house that OH gave to me - I use it to transport stuff from room to room, it would prob work outside too if you have a level access to the garden.

Luisa x

Hi, I also have a walker with a seat that’s very useful. But you could also try a shopping trolley… you know those ones you can buy in luggage shops. That would help with the laundry. You can also get ones with 4 wheels that you push in front of you so they are bit like a walker.

Pat x

I would sugest a washing trolly,and OT can also provide a trolly,they are a good hight that you do not have to bend to put the washing in it or bend to take the washing out of it.

You can get trolleys to use in the garden which might be useful. The sort designed form moving heavy things around and have decent wheels to use outside. Or a good old fashioned (clean!) wheelbarrow.

Both should have enough room to put a washing basket on and be easy-ish to move with mobility problems.

I’ll have a look at washing trollys from OT myself as they may be just the kind of thing I’m looking for. I don’t hang washing up outside, we use indoor clothes dryers but then ‘we’ are two adults so there isn’t a whole families worth of washing. I don’t think I could hang washing outside any more without getting dizzy and ending up on the ground!

Hi Jacqueline, I have a walker/rollator with a seat. It’s amazing how many things I use it for. I can transfer washing to the garden on it, I use it as a table to carry drinks and my meals. I use it for cooking and preparing food. Because it’s on wheels I can scoot about the kitchen on it. I have a bag for laundry; and used to drag it to the line. As my balance is so bad these days I don’t put too much washing on the line. Good luck with it hope you have some answers that help.