Carpal tunnel?

So few wks ago my wrists decided to start hurting when i turn them over, then the pain starting shooting to fingers which in turn feel like they need pressure on to ease the constant pain. Doc has referred me for nerve tests to see if its carpal tunnel and upped my painkillers till i get it sorted, not ideal when also have a 1yr old to sort aswell. Rant over :joy:

Glad to hear you have a pro active doctor, if the tests indicate carpal tunnel syndrome, initial interventions such as wrist supports at night and or steroid injections into the wrists may help.

Like you say, any issues with fingers/hands with a 1 yr old not ideal.

I hope you get the tests soon.

Hi Rouge, so had physio who said defo lost strength in both hands! Great, now have to do exercises and back nxt wk, he seems to think its part ms and part tendons, just sick of being in pain everyday and now fingers in left hand gone numb so hot to make sure no infection then ring ms nurse. Every wish life would give you a break lol