Caring for somekne with ms

Hi all just saying hello i care for hubby 29 years married ms symptoms in first year what a journey

:raised_hand_with_fingers_splayed: Hi Polly

29 years… How is he doing now?

Hi, my hubby have been married 51 years and he has cared for me for almost half of that.


Hi graham uses stick now mobility and balance poor its the emotional side hard isnt it ,it kills him to see me doing so much ie house work cooking gardening etc think a pride thing

Hi Polly
As a voice from the other side, I do my best to present a veneer of normality to my wife and family but sometimes overstretch by taking on too much. It’s not pride for me, it’s sheer bloody determination not to succumb to the disease and a desire to contribute to family life. Not pride - haven’t got the time or energy for that.

I now have a stick, rollator and electric foldable wheelchair according to task and distance. Can still drive (auto) and deadlift the wheelchair in & out of the car on my own. Covers the bases!

Perhaps that’s how your husband sees it too?


Hi graham thanks for wise words really beneficial.
My husband andy always sees the glass half full and yes know what you mean about not allowing the beast to win .