Car Insurance ?

Does being diagnosed with MS alter car insurance although driving is the one thing I can do without any problems ?

I did have to submit my Drivers Licence in exchange for a 3 year one.

I informed my current insurance company and it had no effect on my premium.

I am referring to new quotes as mine is now due to expire.

No Scudger, it doesn’t. My insurance wasn’t altered in anyway, long as the DVLA are aware, it shouldn’t make a jot of difference. You need to tell them, obviously, but no change at all.

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I`m really talking about when getting new quotes. They ask if there are any medical conditions either when applying online or over the phone. It didn’t effect my current insurance.

Mine was done online & telephone. As long as your dr, DVLA are happy for you to drive, you will have no problems. I was SPMS, but like you had no problems driving, I told them I was medically retired due to illness & it was MS, had no problems at all (even got a meercat!!!)

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Thanks Tracey.

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Get on it Scudger!! (I’ve got loads of em, their ace (:slight_smile: an attempt as a smily, poo I know, but you know what I mean!!!