Can't move leg

Hi all I normally walk with a stick after being diagnosed with cis but last Wednesday after going round a small shop my wife drove me home ( as I can’t drive now ) and I had trouble getting my leg up over the door frame of the car and then when I was out it was like my leg was bolted to the floor I couldn’t move it I was admited to hospital and when I saw my neurologist In the morning he was very contradicting one minute he said that it could be an episode the next he said it was very strange and never seen before .he has booked me for another MRI and put me in touch with physio in community my leg is starting to move now but its like I’m screaming at it wanting it to move but it won’t Just wondered if its just me or anyone else ever had this ?

Hi, do you suffer from foot-drop? I just wondered because I do and it feels like there is a magnet in my big toe some evenings pulling it into the floor so I end up dragging it but sometimes I can’t lift my foot and sometimes it’s my whole leg! I hope the physio is good for you, I had my first physio appointment last week and I thought she was brilliant. Sonia x

The only way I could discribe it was that it felt like someone had bolted my foot to the floor it took that much effort to move it I nearly fainted I have had MRI before that shows 5-6 lesions on my brain do u think this would be another attack ? More lesions ? Would this give me diagnosis of ms? Really scared just want to know what’s happening

Oh bless you :frowning: It sounds really horrible and I’m not surprised you’re scared… I had really sporadic incidents of foot-drop before I was diagnosed but it was just that, tripping over my own feet. I didn’t feel like it was bolted down so I can’t answer that for you but bymping your post to the top again :wink: Sonia x

I just feel like I’m back to square one when I had my first episode I was put on crutches but I could still get about then I gradually got to just one stick as I was a bit wobbly and now I have had this " incident " and they have given me a walking frame so I feel like I’m further back I just want to be diagnosed now with ms so I can start treatment and hopefully stop/slow down thease terrible things happening to me

Since I became poorly I suffer from very heavy left leg (well it feels heavy all the time). I use a stick for walking small walks. Used to walk for miles before becoming poorly. Diane

I too have a leg that seems superglued to the floor. Cant flex my foot or bend my knee. I had a lesion on spinal cord but last MRI it was away , so I have no real dx yet. Possibly a CIS or radiation damage frm treatment I had 23 years ago. Foot problem has been getting worse for last 3 years.

Moyna xxx