Can't help but notice... But...!

Can’t help but notice that there seems a lot of people in relapses or having infections at the moment or having a hard time in general! Lets hope July and August looks up for everyone and that summer arrives finally! Then we can all top up our vitamin d too!

Hey Karina

I think it may well be. I spoke with my MS nurse last week as I have been experiencing pain in my right elbow and it feels so heavy and so she has suggested I go and to see my GP tomorrow as the co-dydramol is helping with the pain and I may need something stronger (she mentioned Gabapentin).

While speaking to my MS nurse she did mention the word relapse as I’ve had this pain for the last few weeks but only in the last couple of weeks has it been troublesome. As long as my speech and eyesight aren’t affected then I think I will be able to deal with it, ie continue working without taking time off sick. I suppose it depends on whether she thinks I need steroids as well.

Clearly I think I need to increase my Vit D3 intake too hahahaha!!

Hope everyone is ok - it’s so nice to know we all think of each other during the good times and not so good times on this forum.

Take care

Pen xx

I’m wondering if this yellow thing in the sky will make an appearance and I wonder if people’s level of vitamin d has dropped. Got the hospital to add that blood test on to the list when they were checking on Saturday before me starting the steroids - my dads going to the gp for me tomorrow to pick up a copy so will be interesting to see

Or… finally the temperature has gone up a little. Is the higher (albeit not “hot”) temperature causing problems? it has with me on some days.

Not sure as I was away in April with average head of between 27-32 daily and didn’t have any problems so not sure if the heat exasperated things here - could be the humidity?! I was randomly thinking that maybe it’s the high infection rates going around in general at the moment that maybe mutating into smaller viruses which for the ‘average healthy person’ doesn’t cause too much problems but for people with autoimmune conditions it can be really bad news. Maybe I’m over thinking but was just a thought as just seems so many people having symptoms/ relapses at the moment (is it just coincidental?!)